Just too many missing Young Women


Parents’ plea for missing daughter
”Mr Jacobs said he felt “sick”, “angry” and “helpless” not knowing the whereabouts of Ms Miller.He said his daughter, a talented singer, had made only a small group of friends in Melbourne since moving to the city from Nowra in NSW just over a year ago.

Mr Jacobs, who still lives in NSW, said he last spoke to Ms Miller on the telephone on the night of October 2nd after she rang to check that he had picked up her brother from a party in Sydney.”She said that nobody was home (in Werribee), other than that she just rang up to see whether I got her brother alright,” Mr Jacobs told reporters in Melbourne on Saturday.”


My own experiences from moving to the City of Brisbane was fraut with dangers – people I knew, my flat mate & extended associates thought my confidential discussions should be shared.  People from the Legal Begal  side of town did not tell me of the real dangers of the ‘baby trade,’  where desperate couples would commit Adultry to get a dim-witted, or ignorant of their evil ways, – navie is what he called me – to get pregnant wit his child — after he was to reveal he could not marry, too poor or reveal he was wed after all!  

If  moving to the city & not being City Wise, one can be too pretty, attract all sorts.  If she refuses their advances, yes the worst may have happened.

This all makes wonderful headlines for sales of newspapers.. I feel Sick!!