To Gas or not to Gas at any Cost

Fine question:
THE coal seam gas industry is facing a rural revolt, with farmers yesterday threatening to risk arrest and lock their gates to drilling companies.

A massive expansion of the industry was ignited on the weekend when BG Group-owned Queensland Gas gave the go-ahead for a $15 billion liquefied natural gas plant at Gladstone that will be fuelled by coal seam gas from the Surat Basin. Santos, Origin and Shell are all trying to firm up their own massive LNG projects.

But farmers from Dalby to west of Miles, as well as activists and the Tara blockies, are refusing to bow to the companies which will drill thousands of wells on farmland over the next 20 years.– today’s Courier Mail 2..11..10

Farmonline extracted it’s news from Brisbane Times:
Gas wells and exploration wells have been drilled in the Surat coal basin which runs from south of Dalby, west past Chinchilla, Roma and Injune, for coal seam gas.

Conservationists are questioning the impact of the projects on water from aquifers linked to the Great Artesian Basin.

The project is expected to create about 5000 construction jobs and 1000 permanent operational jobs when shipments of LNG begin in 2014.

Overall, the Gladstone LNG project involves 2650 coal seam gas wells being drilled over 25 years in Queensland’s Surat and Bowen Basins, a 435km steel pipeline from the Fairview gas fields to Gladstone, an LNG plant and the export facility on Curtis Island.

Western Downs Regional Council mayor Ray Brown said he hoped “compliance checks” would make sure both projects met the safety needs of local communities.”

They will go ahead & time will tell what damage is done to the environment & to the
rest of us who live in the areas and source our food & livelyhood..


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