The Beautiful Blue Butterfly Pea

Butterfly Pea

''Originating from the Indonesian Island of Ternate, 

this unusual member of the pea family is one of the most 

amazing vines we have grown. These will bloom all year 

long in frost free zones or inside as an exotic vining 

houseplant. Technically a tropical plant, they are also 

easily grown annuals in more northern areas and will 

quickly bloom from seed in about 6-8 weeks''

''These are tender climbing vines. The leaves are made 

of 5 to 7 leaflets, each growing up to 4 inches long. 

The flowers resemble peas and are solitary, bright deep 

blue with light yellow markings to 2 inches long by 1½ 

inches wide. This vine is a quick cover for lattice, 

trellis, arbor and chain-link fences''