Sniffer Dogs Verses Scanners..

Wake up America. Take off the blinkers!


 There’s been a fantastic amount of
person-to-person sharing of the
“Solutions” video.

 That’s the video that shows that
full-body scanners and random
groping are not only necessary,
they DO NOT provide security.

 The best security on earth against
bombs is well trained bomb-sniffing

 The US military knows that which is
why the depend on them in Iraq etc.

 The FBI uses them to guard their
Washington DC headquarters.

 There’s no debate, there’s no doubt,
there’s no question.

 This piece of common sense information
along with the irrefutable evidence in
the “Solutions” video is the game changer
in the TSA abuse story.

 With bomb sniffing dogs there is never
any need to irradiate anybody.

 There is certainly no need to engage in
official molestation of random children or
anyone else.

 Not only that, but dogs can check EVERYBODY,
something the scanners cannot do and random
gropings cannot do.


So not only are the intrusions of these methods

 They are highly expensive security theater
which creates the illusions of security which
leaves our airports and planes wide open to attack.

 You’d think that the alternative media which
monitors and often “borrows” Brasscheck TV
research would take this story and run with it.

 So far, nothing.

 Not a word.



 Is is possible that simple, straightforward
solutions to problems don’t sell hysteria
and drive sales for survival food and DVDs?

 Properly trained bomb-sniffing dogs will make
air travel safer than scanners and official
sexual assaults.

 That should be a headline.

 Instead, it’s a “secret” only that (as of now)
only 60,000+ viewers of the video know.

 No doubt you are a subscriber or visitor to
one or more “alternative” news outlets.

 Ask them why they are not reporting that
there is a SOLUTION to the TSA fiasco.


If they don’t want to point to Brasscheck TV,

 If they don’t want to point to our video on
YouTube, fine.

 If they want to take the research we did and
pretend that they did it and make themselves
heroes, fine.

 But how on earth can they justify sitting on this
information? – because that’s exactly what there
are going as of 11/30/10 10:30 PM.

 Here is is again…

 We’ve got the FBI and the US military stating
unequivocally that when it matters to them,
they go with bomb-sniffing dogs, NOT bogus
electronics or public humiliation of random

 Write the “big names” and ask them why they
are sitting on this story…which is the same thing
as suppressing it.




– Brasscheck


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