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Story#1: ‘Al-qaeda’ Agent Held in Pakistan is Not ‘Adam Gadahn’
HistoryCommons.org: Pakistan & the ISI Intelligence Agency
Neocon Bloggers Celebrate Indictment of ‘Crazy’ Patsy Jihad JaneStory#2: Water Wars: The ‘Endangered’ Western States
Agenda 21: The UN Blueprint for the 21st Century

Story#3: Majority of the World Believes Internet Access Is ‘a Fundamental Right’
4 in 5 Regard Internet Access as a Fundamental Right
Flashback: Internet Overtakes Print in US News Consumption

Story  two is what interests me… follow up to the theme ‘Peter B. Dunn’  started  .. & I have run with, you can see my previous entries

Corbett & Co.. are now posting rather than running video direct through you tube..  What is Happening Next, may I ask?   is you tube the next one to be Censored — even said that it is Censored ..  I could not find what I wanted regards water & how to store it safely for later, other than dams on rivers & created lakes from these rivers..

”A consortium led by the Canadian firm Acres International studied the feasibility of the Three Gorges Dam in the 1980s with funding from the Canadian government. Already then, leading Chinese scientists warned against the project’s environmental impacts, but were ignored. “This is not engineering and science, merely expert prostitution,” Professor Vaclav Smil, an expert on Chinese energy issues, protested against the shoddy feasibility study.”–from http://www.internationalrivers.org/blog/peter-bosshard/nature-strikes-back-three-gorges-dam

Our Labor Party keeps harping on the loss of  Traverston as a storage dam… but too shallow to hold much – more of a fun place for boaties & water sports from Brisbane & Sunshine coast near by… no money for NATHAM DAM  even though the flooding of the DAWSON RIVER could fill 2-3 dams in the past year alone..  & the FITZROY RIVER as I type, is expecting an exceptional large volume of flooding..

A proposed combine effort by the  Wealthy Western Nations  ( Aust. included)  are funding South East Asia development as on the Meackon  River..

I cannot find some of the sites I refer to above, but here are some..



Natham Dam is scrubbed.. even this tells us it is deleted from memory.  Ms Bligh you have a lot of explaining to do!  http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/AbstractNotFound.cfm

“The US Senate’s interest in Mekong Mainstream Dams is a sign of the growing concern internationally about the plans to dam the Mekong Mainstream and the far-reaching impacts that the cascade would have on the Mekong Basin and the livelihoods of millions of people in the region,” said Ms. Imhof.

The Xayaburi Dam would be the first dam to be built on the lower Mekong Mainstream. It would displace thousands of people in Laos, disrupt an important fish migration route and cause the extinction of the critically endangered Mekong Giant Catfish by destroying one of their last natural spawning habitats. The dam is being proposed by Thai company Ch. Karnchang and over 95% of the power generated would be sold to EGAT, the Thai electric utility.

Earlier this month Thai community groups representing about 24,000 people in five provinces along the Mekong River submitted a letter to the Thai Prime Minister asking him to cancel the plan to buy electricity from Xayaburi Dam.

Also testifying at the hearing were Mr. Joseph Yun, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Southeast Asia, Dr. Richard Cronin from The Stimson Center and Ms. Dekila Chungyalpa of the World Wildlife Fund.





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