Libyan intelligence officer Abdel Basset al-Megrahi was the only person convicted of the Dec. 21, 1988 mid-air bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, which killed 270 people, most of them Americans.

Megrahi was found to have played a "prominent part in planning and in perpetrating" the bombing of the New York to London flight and was convicted of the murder of the 259 people aboard and 11 people on the ground killed by falling debris.

Megrahi was sentenced to life imprisonment by a special Scottish court in 2001, with a minimum jail term of 27 years.

Scotland released Megrahi in August, 2009 on compassionate grounds after being advised that he was suffering terminal prostate cancer and had as little as three months to live. He returned to Tripoli and is still alive nearly a year later.''


America & UK Relations are at a stand off over the BP oil  …  USA hopping mad over the release of Megrahi… little do they care he would surely have died in the Scottish Prison of prostrate cancer, a curable illness if caught before it spreads throughout the body.
Like any Glan,  toxins can and do collect in this tiny spot &  if not shrunk,  of removed do kill the man.   The Compassion in releasing the prisoner to Lybyan  Authorities did not go down well with the USA & they are still harping on about it today, as he was able to get the necessary treatment in his homeland.  The fact that he now lives is still resented in those circles of North America..  Those who could afford to travel in a  Pan Am flight… not me nor the average Lybyan.  The history of the transfer agreement & believed advantage in Oil 
sits like a smoldering furnace in the political drama and unfriendly envy over Lybian Oil..  America lost this  years before…

''BP said it told the British government it was "concerned about the slow progress" in negotiating the agreement. It also has said it knew this could hurt a BP offshore oil drilling deal that required approval by the Libyan government.

The oil company said it was not involved in any discussions with the Scottish executive about releasing Megrahi. However, Megrahi was the most obvious potential beneficiary of the Prisoner Transfer Agreement that Libya and Britain eventually reached.''


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