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They Deny You a meal and have you arrested one day the next they're recieving awards???

PeterBDunn | December 11, 2010 at 9:32 am | Categories: Education, Health and wellness, News and politics, Organizations | URL: http://wp.me/p15Etu-ab

The day  before this photo was taken ,and  the article was written Both  above ladies maxynne and donna (right seated) refused me a meal and ,had me arrested for exercising my right to enjoy public life  and take part in public acivities all because, months ago Maxynne decided not to buy raw sugar as  from her words to me  "it 's to much  of a hassle" ?   so after  submitting e mails to her employer, reading an e mail out for the information of hall attendees re the negative effects of white sugar, for which i recieved a  weeks banning.. she eventually changed her mind and now patrons are privy to a choice of raw or white sugar for their use.  Donna informed me that they inject  molasses into white sugar to make  raw sugar,  yeah may  be with artificially made sugar  not the natural stuff. and she denies telling me  she wanted me to" go away"?  Why Because i recognised the  Spearhead of the Eugenics plan they were attempting to implement by denying members of the public they  recieve a wage to  serve, nutricious raw sugar. they tried to only purchase white ,which for their budgetory requirements,  is dearer to purchase as it is over processed white stuff.   And all the while winge and moan they  dont have enough funding to run the place or to have a room for musicians to  use  but aparrently theres always a room for card playing ??
  We had a new lady placed into the  area by mental health, who, brought her family to the hall  and maxynne organises Newspapers to take her photo  for publicity purposes , yet when this lady  was scheduled,.. was there any press attention or help ,to bring to the light the  injustice of her being removed from her premises without breaking any laws. 
No because thats not positive publicity to enable them to keep their Just Over Brokes. (JOBS)
  A report of discrimination was submitted to the anti discrimination board against maxynne for discriminating against residents on 8/3/2010 by locking some out and letting others in .  Ms Poole replied  noting my complaint but not taking any action re same.
  I wonder why..   I also wonder why  Im told im  violent and agressive for reading out an e mail and  expressing my opinion but maxynne can poke me in the chest 3 times, lock doors  preventing the free flow of patrons to enjoy the meal shes paid to provide to the community between certian times of the day.  and shes denied  hall patrons other than myself meals and takeaway meals.  Why?
 A week  prior to my arrest i  sent an email to the Comissioner of Police's office vide the NSWPD website, and i  emailed the head of  Mental Health services NSW re maxynne  calling mental health workers  to attend my address  along with Police  which  I find harassing. 
I hope they have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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