Book : The Audacity of Deceit

From the Publisher

In the shocking political expose The Audacity of Deceit, you'll learn about Barack Obama's plans to "change" our country and your life by…

  • Raising taxes from the low rate of 28% under Ronald Reagan to economy-destroying 60% rate under Herbert Hoover.
  • Handing out Federal medical insurance to more than 12 million aliens, and increasing emergency room costs by $15.4 billion annually.
  • Appointing ultra-liberal, anti-business Supreme Court judges who would reverse the ruling that bans partial birth abortion, and the ruling that confirms the Second Amendment is an individual right.
  • Would take 25% of farmland out of production to satisfy environmental lobbyists, causing increased food costs and worldwide food shortages.
  • Implementing a "zero to five" program designed to transfer infant and child raising responsibilities for children under five from parents to the federal government.
  • Establishing a government agency to approve what types of medical procedures and operations senior citizens are permitted to have.
  • Increasing the liberal majority in Congress by allowing felons to vote.
  • Waging a trade war that would eliminate 10 million American jobs and re-establish the tariff system implemented by Herbert Hoover.

As a state senator, Obama…

  • Supported withholding emergency medical aid for babies who survive an abortion.

4 thoughts on “Book : The Audacity of Deceit

  1. Can you see the Cookie ctter typoe of politics our pollies are using as per meetings of the g 20? Exellent info pam and re your last message yes that was the vid re the gulf stream chjanges and britan to freeze , your on the ball latley…. best wishes for the new year again 🙂

  2. Who has ‘late term abortions other than China?’

    ”[PDF] After Feticide: Coping with Late-Term Abortion in Israel, Western …
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
    by ML GROSS – 1999 – Cited by 12 – Related articles
    the Israeli policy of late-term abortion on demand. Coping with Late-Term … ations and lead to legal restrictions of late-term abortions. As a result pro- …
    hevra.haifa.ac.il/poli/division_of_IR/…files/after%20feticide.pdf – Similar” google search]
    ”18. Of 301 requests for late-term abortions in Israel in 1993–1995, 254 (84%) were approved. This is lower than the 97% approval rate of all abortion requests (1993–94). However, it must be considered that the rejection rate includes applications withdrawn by the applicant. A pregnant woman who makes an application for an abortion and later changes her mind (persuaded perhaps even by the abortion committee) is reported as a rejected (not an approved) applicant.
    There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that this makes up most of the cases recorded as rejected. As a result, the actual approval rate of late-term abortions is much higher than 84% and the overall approval rate probably approaches 100%. See note 3, Central Bureau of Statistics 1995, 1996, 1997” end of quote
    — this is 15 years back stats.. just what are they 2011? Is this Eugenics at work??

  3. Why do Catholics like to get the children at such a young age? Same with Obama Regime.
    Here in Australia the NWO through the Socialist Welsh Lass, J. Gillard ( who does not believe in God, or marriage) has voiced the same… Country wide Education starting with Prep.. (we had prep. in 1949 – my first year.) A very regimented Syste…
    See More
    State Wants Infants to Five Year Olds
    Source: http://www.thevoicemagazine.com/culture/education/state-educated-infants-to-five-year-olds.html
    MORE AT..

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