Money, money & Milk down the Drain

The Queensland flood is such the Dairy Man & Woman is tipping the milk out as the Tankers cannot reach their Farms.. 


Not raining,  not sunny.. not hot , yet miserable.

Just  posted a few hours ago…

China Aims To Internationalize Currency


Federal Reserve


Another Great Depression


You would have no trouble finding news of the floods..
you are right, they have let the flood gates open – all of them
Problem is they never anticipated the drought & they were oh so close at running out of water.
Especially Brisbane & the whole SE Qld..


My argument re the Dam on the Dawson River.. it is close enough to pump water across to the SE  .. and they are all connected now..and the depth of the Nathan Gorge would have
held heaps more water than the Traverston Swamp .. on Mary River.. that Anna Bligh was  Lying about..   Millions of dollars was spent buying up good farm land… dairy farms and the Mary Valley was one of the best Dairying Districts in Queensland.

Only about 8%  of the Milk produced in OZ  is produced here in Qld..

 Buggar of a Beattie hated the Dairyman so much  ( he was a bad boy and got put on Prison Farm when a Uni Student  –  he was raised by his Grand mother ( who had a live in boyfriend- officially  ‘the boarder!’

thus his income would not be counted when he qualified as a needy isolated student – unlike the majority of those attending  state schools)   Peter Beattie  could not deregulate Dairying in Queensland fast enough, once he
got into power.. /
Farmers are hurting. The deregulation of the dairy industry and the move to monopoly ownership in agriculture in general is forcing long-term family farms off the land. Farmers are also facing the consequences of erosion, salination and degredation of the land, the outcome of weak-kneed and ineffectual actions by government to prevent environmental damage.”


2 thoughts on “Money, money & Milk down the Drain

  1. My last quote was from…


    The GuIt was a different story in Queensland where the ALP increased its primary
    vote by about 10 per cent. The reason for this was the personal stand by
    Peter Beattie on the issue of the voting rorts that were the stock-in-trade
    of some Labor Party members (and Liberals as well, no doubt).

    Rather than attempt to cover up and protect the crooks in its own ranks,
    Beattie went into damage control, declaring that they had to be cleaned out
    of the Labor Party, and so came across as an honest man. Compared to these
    issues the question of preference exchanges with the One Nation party is a
    mere sideshow.

    Cult campaign

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