Puff in government

Bob Brown our Tasmania Greens senator ~ blaming the flooding on the
coal industry! Not long ago same fella said same mining caused the
drought. ~ with Senators like him, can we expect
fair government. Only had 200 years of weather records. .
Puff – married a man. Most of coal mined goes overseas, Japan the
majority buyer for its power . . Mm * gays narsissis, intraverts
lovers of their selves. Still one cause of toowoomba flash
flood that tore down mountain side could be removal of trees from
mount – hills in residental development: example Crows Nest +
and Spring Bluff. But I would have to check Google maps to compare
the change to what I saw in 2001 and 2003. ADSL connection connects
but still dropping out b4 I can reach internet. No longer lack me
credit as start me new month. . Till next time. ~ Ida 43 ~ via mob
internet – gmail

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