T S A does it again – this time at train stations


The US news media's fascination with TS^ ineptitude (and rampant illegality)
seems to have cooled since Thanksgiving/Christmas.

Too bad because things are better (read that: worse) than ever.

Now the TS^ is showing up at train stations, but you already knew that.

But they've got a new angle…

They're searching people AFTER they disembark from their trains.

No choice either. As soon as you step off the train, you're herded into a pen.
At least at the airport, you can walk away.

Prime targets for the full body pat down: young children.  Who else?

Big thanks to  John Pistole (TS^ head), Janet Napolitano (DHS), and the
ever-lovable Osama Bushbama.



Note: I have to spell out the T'randy-portation Securit'y Administration
as TS^ because C0mcast and other ISPs have taken to "filtering" e-mails
that address this topic.

Could be one of the ways they made their anti-trust unpleasantness
go away. Or just a big coincidence.

– Brasscheck

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videos with friends and colleagues.

That's how we grow. Thanks.


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