Trash Bucket Revelations

Title  may get your attention & that of unwanted curiosity._In federally funded studies in the 1940s, noted researcher Dr. W. Paul Havens Jr. exposed men to hepatitis in a series of experiments, including one using patients from mental institutions in Middletown and Norwich, Conn. Havens, a World Health Organization expert on viral diseases, was one of the first scientists to differentiate types of hepatitis and their causes.

In the back of my mind,  All this week I keep harking back to when I was 4 year old.  The train trip home from wedding of my dad’s youngest sister to a farmer’s son from the Monto district Queensland. 

They were married late 1947, if my memory is any use.  I remember playing on the stairs of the reception venue with a boy around my age.  Then the woman & he caught the same train


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