Explaining Upsurge in Whooping Cough & Pneumocfoccal Disease


Today's upserge in need for vacinations in Pneumocfoccal Disease & Mining…

I don't believe this Eugenics  is intentional, but it puts a question mark above all activity in Mining & War.
How the Soldiers in 'Gulf War,'  & much of the population of the Area is effected with unexplained illness
and  increasing numbers of their children having birth defects, i.e. serious birth defects!

Streptococcus pneumoniae is a bacteria that can cause pneumonia, peritonitis, sinusitis, middle ear infections, otitis media, 

meningitis, arthritis, and bacteremia in most humans, mice, rabbits, monkeys, and horses. There are more than ninety different 

sterotypes of streptococcus pneumoniae, which makes it very hard to get rid of. It is usually harmless, but if the circumstances go 

bad, it will become a disease.

—GALVESTON, Texas — When the space shuttle Endeavour touched down at the Kennedy Space Center August 21, University of Texas Medical 

Branch at Galveston microbiology and immunology department chairman David Niesel was waiting by the runway, looking forward to a 

reunion with some of its passengers.–


pneumococcal disease.
•Everyone two years of age and older with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, chronic lung (except asthma), heart, kidney or 

liver disease, or alcoholism (see ACIP recommendations for children 24 to 59 months of age).
•Those whose immune systems have been weakened by such conditions as cancer or HIV infection.
•People without a functioning spleen and those with sickle cell disease.
•Residents of chronic care or long-term care facilities.
The polysaccharide vaccine is not recommended for infants and young children under two years of age, as this age group does not 

respond to polysaccharide vaccines. Children under age two fall into the highest general risk group for invasive pneumococcal 

infections. Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine is recommended for all children 2 to 23 months of age. Other children at increased risk 

include those with sickle cell disease, HIV infection, and other immunocompromising or chronic medical conditions; these children 

should receive pneumococcal conjugate vaccine and pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine. For additional information about pneumococcal 

vaccination in infants and young children, visit the CDC website at www.cdc.gov.


-contaminates-stream-killing-fish—30 physicians that come from different medical areas of expertise including pediatrics, 

immunology, pGALVESTON, Texas — When the space shuttle Endeavour touched down at the Kennedy Space Center August 21, University of 

Texas Medical Branch at Galveston microbiology and immunology department chairman David Niesel was waiting by the runway, looking 

forward to a reunion with some of its passengers.reventive medicine, public health and pediatric infectious disease management 

gathered on Friday, June 11th for the 2nd Gulf Vaccination Expertise Board Meeting. The physicians, from several Gulf countries 

including the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Yemen and Kuwait, met to discuss the different strategies for the prevention of Invasive 

Pneumococcal Disease in children and infants.


Hydraulic fracturing for stimulation of oil and natural gas wells was first used in the United States in 1947.[13][14] It was first 

used commercially by Halliburton in 1949 and,[13] and because of its success in increasing production from oil wells was quickly 

adopted, and is now used worldwide in tens of thousands of oil and natural gas wells annually. The first industrial use of hydraulic 

fracturing was as early as 1903, according to T.L. Watson.[15] Before that date, hydraulic fracturing was used at Mt. Airy Quarry, 

near Mt Airy, North Carolina where it was (and still is) used to separate granite blocks from bedrock.

Volcanic dikes and sills are examples of natural hydraulic fractures. Hydraulic fracturing incorporates results from the disciplines 

of fracture mechanics, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, and porous medium flow.


90 odd varietys of the bacturim..  ok  what could have mutated it for a new variety of Whooping Cough.
The increasing number of chemicals used in mining… new strains from old world raised to surface
or Texas University Spill.. students taking bug home on clothing & hands  & with right ripe situation
multiply in the water… water spreads to drinking water.. HEY  GOT IT IN ONE..

COMMENTS..   Yes, I welcome your imput.. critize my theory   go for it….

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