Pete’s Blog .. on Petty DHO NSW

DOH Makes over $15M just in water charges alone, and i cant get a $65.00 mesh screen

if this is what they say "

Our purpose

Our work is driven by our purpose, which is to:

help build a stronger community by providing

housing solutions for people in need.

In working towards this purpose, Housing NSW:

works with other departments, agencies and other organisations

to address homelessness in NSW

manages NSW’s public housing portfolio

funds and regulates the provision of community housing and

crisis accommodation

manages Aboriginal public housing for the Aboriginal Housing Office

plays a key role in developing policy and supporting relationships to

increase access to the supply of affordable housing across NSW

provides a range of products and services to assist people into the

private rental market and home ownership and

provides policy advice to government and manages the Housing


2001 and associated legislation.

Our values

Our core values set out the behaviours that we will demonstrate in

working towards our purpose.

We make a difference.

We help.

We work together.

We are part of the community."    YEAH RIGHT OBVIOUSLEY

 then where are all the Rainwater collection tanks,  that was agreed  back in 2002 that it was a good idea? why are lights left on during the day, so much for our carbon footpring (thats a laugh)

What about maintenance and security? the "Five islands Court" complex was a state of the art building when 1st built we had

proper security like

but what happenned to the maintenance of our electronic locks????

 obviousley the DOH dont have to upgrade their premises as i was told by Carol Raschilla

or by the looks of it maintain anything , See my screen door,   the lock that worked when the building was made,   but left to

denigrate over time,   they make over $15 million in water charges alone and i cant get a $65.00 mesh screen

   just like a corporation,   people are just numbers, aparently it doesnt count re 2 male deaths in our area, must suit their eugenic plans,

part of their social audit.. when is the DOH going to be audited? They cry poor to the public,  whilst they threated people with homelessness because

they dont cut their grass to maintain their properties. Are tennants reimbursed for the monies they spend on maintenance such as lawn moving, aparrentl;y not  and they are slow in fixing damaged scfreens , obviousley to either save money or to just ignore

maintenance and repairs to keep their bottom line looking healthy.  Im goint to continue my protest by not paying for my water chares until  the DISCRIMINATION  against me  STOPS/


This blog & all others on Live will be deleted soon..
Department of Public Housing, is not interested in it's own people,  more interested in housing cast outs from all over the world
Care of the NEW WORLD ORDER…   orders of Pope & the other Wealthy Billionaires..

The Vatican money and assets does not belong to one person, nor the Cardinals of Italian  .. but all those widows, children
mums & dads,  grandma & pa   who donate,  yes give their hard earned cash to these Charlatans..

Not editing Pete's Entry… his words, his plight.. like so many others..
My screens need repair, still they close, and I tape the holes..
No real protection from intruders, although I push the latch to lock each time I come indoors

Pamela Ida

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