censor from foreign government?

On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 12:12 AM, Jennifer  wrote:

Oh that is SO evil Pam!  A lot of this sort of thing is happening all around the world.  But I can’t imagine what these poor mothers are thinking unless they just don’t know.
A similar thing happened to my Mum when I was born. I probably told you about it before.  I was one of twins.  When Mum saw me for the first time they had to explain to her that one of her twins died.  That was rubbish and a huge lie.  My Nana came to visit Mum and wanted to see the twins.  Mum didn’t know about a missing twin.   Then not long ago I emailed a person from the local Childrens’ hospital in Adelaide.  She told me that a lot of things like that happened back then.  I tried to find out where the twin was buried but the woman told me that it would be almost impossible to find out.  How evil they were back then!!!  Apparently the woman in the next bed to Mum had a baby and it died.  They knew Mum had twins so they gave my twin to this other woman. 
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Subject: censor from foreign government?
Radio NetGracia announces its exclusive LIVE interview with Jerry Carney ± one of thethousands born out of wedlock in Ireland, who nuns falsely claimed as orphan and sold off unto adoption in America
October 30, 2010 at 4:00 p.m. ET ± Tune in LIVE through: www.netgracia.comMIAMI, FLORIDA
± The online radio channel of Jose Luis De Jesus, the Man Christ Jesus -Radio NetGracia ± today announces its exclusive interview with Jerry Carney, who was takenfrom her mother´s arms for being born out of wedlock and given unto adoption by nuns of theSisters of Mercy. Tune in today, October 30, to hear the story of how Jerry, born in Irelandunder the name of Eugene Lynam, was one of the thousands of children who were exported tothe United States as part of business scheme between the Irish government and the CatholicChurch.In her exclusive interview with Radio NetGracia, Jerry will be sharing her testimony of how Irishsingle mothers were taken to mother and baby homes run by nuns in order to give birth andthere the babies¶ names were changed so their mothers would never be able to track themdown. The children also used for human experiments and more.
Tune in to this exclusive interview on Radio NetGracia
LIVE from USA with Jerry Carney, victim of the Vatican corruption in IrelandLive transmission through:www.netgracia.com Date: October 30, 2010Time: 4:00 p.m. ETFor more information about the Vatican crimes and other evidences visit:
had interference from india.. gov web
so closing down now,,   Bummer 

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