Why do they approve Sand Mining Bundaberg

Bundaberg approves sand mining

Bundaberg has given the go-ahead for sand mining north of the city.

The Bundaberg Council gave the green light to Austral Masonry’s plans for a 100 000 tonne per year sand mine at Gooburrum, according to the ABC.

Gooburrum is located north west of Bundaberg.

Council spokesperson Ross Sommerfield stated that "Council's imposed 86 conditions which relate to concerns of the residents, the application was actually impact assessable," he said.

"Part of our background on the application detailed all the concerns that were raised."

Production is scheduled to begin later this year, with an expected mine life of around 20 years.

The approval for this sand mine comes as the Queensland Government has moved to shut down sand extraction on North Stradbroke Island, causing a backlash against the Bligh Government with claims that the move has breached legislative principles.

The Government aiming to cease 94% of operations by 2019.


Whymere Sand Extraction Project


Bundaberg Sugar is proposing to extract approximately 10 million tonnes of sand resources from three areas (A, B and D) totaling 221 ha on land at Fairymead Road, Fairymead in Bundaberg, Queensland.
This quantity is estimated to be sufficient to supply the regional demand for approximately 40 years and is also the nearest major sand resource to service the Bundaberg and Wide Bay market areas.
Extraction will be limited to a maximum of approximately 10ha at any one time.
Staging of extraction activities across the subject site will ensure the long-term availability of this resource for the region.

Site location and layout map.

Bundaberg Sugar’s origins date from more than 130 years ago when sugar cane was first planted in Queensland.

  Finasucre Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd  
   owns 100% of Bundaberg Sugar Group Ltd 

Company Overview

Finasucre Investments (Australia) Pty Limited produces sugar. The company was incorporated in 1994 and is based in Enoggera,

Australia. Finasucre Investments (Australia) Pty Limited operates as a subsidiary of Societe Financiere des Sucres S.A.



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