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From:AssociatedPress on 14 May 2011
With the Mississippi River rising dangerously, Army engineers are getting ready to send floodwaters spilling into a stretch of Louisiana Cajun country that is home to about 25,000 people. (May 14)

Mississippi River floodgate to open at 3 p.m. CDT
Posted at 09:18 AM on Saturday, May. 14, 2011

MORGANZA, La. — Engineers made final preparations Saturday afternoon to slowly open a 10-ton, steel emergency floodgate for the first time in nearly four decades, purposefully inundating farmlands and homes in Louisiana's Cajun country to drain the swelling Mississippi River.

Across the countryside, people fled to higher ground, shored up levees that held the last time the Morganza spillway was opened and built new walls of sand and dirt to hold back the flood they have known was coming for wee… more


Total annihilation of millions in acres of farmland which feed ALL Americans..Prepare for massive food shortages&hyper non affordable grocery inflations as soon as this fall..

This is one sure tactic to push most if not all Americans into total dependency & mercy of this tyrannical government..

@dogramite lol it's not nearly as bad as you make it out to sound, man. In that area they grow mainly rice which will undoubtedly have adverse effects on the rice market, but because the rice market is globalized (as are all commodoties), it won't swing that wildly. Also, we import a lot of our rice from China as idiotic as it is, so there should be no serious shortages.
  • Not to say that we're not teetering on total economic collapse, but flooding Louisiana is going to have very little impact.

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