Behind the Wire at Villawood, Gillard Gets Cosy with Big Mining, Indonesia not Fussed by Live Cattle Ban,..& More

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This is the newmatilda.com digest for 2 Jun 2011.

Daily Cartoon 2 Jun 2011

Thanks to Fiona Katauskas

New Lows


Why They Don't Want Journos At Villawood

By Marni Cordell

It's hard to get a straight answer from the government on conditions inside our detention centres. Marni Cordell went to Villawood and heard shocking tales of violence, neglect – and ignored complaints

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No Beef From Indonesia On Cattle Sanctions

By Angela Dewan

Australia has been shocked by revelations about the treatment of cattle in Indonesia – but has the story had an impact in Indonesia? Not really, reports Angela Dewan from Jakarta

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Gillard Celebrates The Mining Boom

By Newmatilda.com

Julia Gillard couldn't have put on a friendlier show for the Minerals Council Of Australia at their annual dinner last night. Will the detente last long enough to see through new mining and carbon taxes?

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IR 2 Jun 2011

What To Do If It's Worse Than WorkChoices

By Simon Copland

As Barry O'Farrell prepares to get stuck into the entitlements of public sector workers in NSW, what lessons can be gleaned from the recent surge in union action in the US, asks Simon Copland

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So Long S-xism, We've Got A Female PM

By Alyssa McDonald

When Gillard took office it was hailed as a triumph for the women's movement. A year on, has a female PM meant real gains for Australian women, wonders Alyssa McDonald

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LIBYA 1 Jun 2011

Libya Endgame Approaches

By Benjamin Cornford

It's clear that Gaddafi will go – eventually. Still, it's taking a long time for the outcome that most regard as inevitable to actually happen. Ben Cornford reviews the situation

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GREECE 1 Jun 2011

Greece Is Not For Sale

By Bella Papadopoulou Dobrowolska and Morgan Pettersson

Enough with the cuts! Protesters in Greece are demanding that the government slow down its cuts to public sector jobs, health and education. Photos and report from Thessalonliki

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ECONOMY 1 Jun 2011

Our Nuclear Sovereign Wealth

By Tim Wright

Why is Australia's Future Fund still investing in companies that manufacture nuclear weapons? Tim Wright on the ethical case for stepping away from nukes

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