Lybia: NATO Operation is ”Piracy on an International Scale”

Yes,  Others can see what I see..  War Lords Obama, Cameron ( & Elizabeth reigning queen of UK)  & the French Leader (what's his face) ~ the main players in NATO … Gillard just follows where ever Obama leads her –  thanks to the days of ''All the Way with LBJ days..''  of the 1970's political policies. 

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From: Russia Today
NATO is not interested in a ceasefire in Libya as it craves regime change in the country, believes International Action Center activist Sara Flounders.

"What NATO wants is regime change. They want absolute and total control of the largest oil resources in Africa," she said. "They want ownership of the billions of dollars, more than $70 billion that Libya holds just in immediate assets from those past oil and gas sales. They want control of the whole infrastructure. None of this is about the humanitarian defense of the people of Libya, or of any group in Libya."

"It really is piracy on an international scale," Flounders added.

As for Syria, according to Sara Flounders, the US is already actively engaged with the country's internal situation.

"It is important to recognize that the US is already taking action in Syria, that there is real destabilization going on, that for years there have been sanctions on Syria,… more

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