The Brigalow Scheme Australia

Brigalow is a kind of woodland. The name brigalow is also given to a distinctive tree form. From the central base of a large woody root stock known as a lignotuber, a number of trunks grow out like the ribs of an umbrella.Depending on the soil and the species, a brigalow may reach from a little over a metre to as high as 12 metres. This plant form has advantages in dry country, one being that fires may destroy the above ground trunks but new shoots will rapidly develop from the root stock safe below the soil.''

They encouraged people to go on the land & clear away the Brigalow Trees.

Now the Families are forbidden in clearing the thick re-growth v the Queensland State Government.
Careful written  applications must be made to the State Government.. (could be the Premier's Department) to clear the same paddocks that once was full slather under the once Brigalow Scheme..

You will see in my pictures a few Brigalow ~ a tough hardy Gum tree.


21020080 BRIGLOW BLOCKS STUDY.pdf Download this file


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