Late Night Post first Day Home

I was back home yesterday, today my first full day home.

Washing Clothes, Meals & then an Afternoon Sleep
I still have not washed the days dishes…
It is bed I am heading too.. but before 'beep'
''There are guns across the river, aiming at ya''

Crazy Ants an invasion of Queensland,

Here is a mish mash of postings…

9/11 buildings came tumbling,
Just don't employ an American Architect …no sir..

Environmentalists have again warned of an ecological disaster at the southern end of Queensland's Great Barrier Reef, following the discovery of a dead dugong.~

–See here also for more Wild Life & Environmental Sites 

HANDS OFF COUNTRY – still opposing
http://handsoffcountry.blogspot.com/ gas mining in North West WA

Learning about Murdock, Rupert that is…


Murdoch’s courtship of Blair finally pays off

Fran Abrams and Anthony Bevins

Wednesday, 11 February 1998

IN JULY 1995, Tony Blair flew halfway round the world to cement his relationship with Rupert Murdoch at a News Corporation conference. Introducing him, the media tycoon joked: “If the British press is to be believed, today is all part of a Blair-Murdoch flirtation. If that flirtation is ever consummated, Tony, I suspect we will end up making love like two porcupines – very carefully.”

For Mr Blair, the relationship bore fruit when he was elected with the key support of the Sun. But Mr Murdoch had to wait until yesterday for full satisfaction when No 10 launched a passionate attack on his critics after the Lords passed an anti-Murdoch amendment to the Competition Bill.

A year earlier, few Labour MPs would have believed such a scene was possible. In fact, in July 1994 the shadow financial secretary to the treasury, Alistair Darling, sponsored a Commons motion condemning a newspaper price- cutting campaign by Mr Murdoch. “The newspaper industry is not only an important business but also a vital organ of the democratic process … predatory pricing, with the intention of forcing rivals out of the market, will reduce choice and undermine competition,” it said, before calling on the Conservative government to prevent the practice. No fewer than 81 Labour MPs signed the motion. Among them was Nigel Griffiths, who as competition minister could now be expected to take the Competition Bill through the Commons and to lead the government defence of Mr Murdoch’s price cuts. A week earlier, a separate motion signed by 59 MPs said the price-cutting battle would lead to “fewer titles, fewer jobs, less choice for readers and a further dangerous concentration of ownership”. One signatory was Peter Mandelson, now minister without portfolio and a friend of Elisabeth Murdoch, the tycoon’s daughter.

Altogether 24 ministers and 55 MPs still in the Commons backed one or both of the critical motions. Labour boycotted News International titles for a year after the move to Wapping in 1986 that led to the dismissal of 5,000 print workers.

In 1992 Murdoch’s flagship Sun claimed it had scuppered Labour’s election chances by suggesting that if Neil Kinnock won, the last person to leave Britain should turn out the lights. The day after the election it boasted “It was the Sun wot won it!”.

Even before he became leader, Mr Blair met Mr Murdoch at a dining club in Belgravia. It was reported that the tycoon was impressed by the politician’s “puppy-dog, youthful, company-lawyer image”.

Once Mr Blair was elected, things moved quickly. Mr Murdoch gave an interview to Der Spiegel magazine in which he mused: “Last year we helped the Labour government in Canberra. I could even imagine supporting Tony Blair.” In September 1994, the two men and their wives were dining in the private room of a London restaurant with Gus Fischer, chief executive of News International. Although there was no talk of how Mr Blair could help Mr Murdoch, there were separate meetings with Mr Fischer at which “issues of mutual interest” were discussed.

By March 1995, there were reports that Labour plans for cross-media ownership would not force Mr Murdoch to sell any of his empire. And a year into his leadership, Mr Blair was on Hayman Island, Australia, listening to praise from Mr Murdoch at the News Corporation conference for his “courage” in attending.

On the first day of the 1997 election campaign, there was proof that the courtship had not been in vain. “The Sun Backs Blair,” the headline on Mr Murdoch’s leading tabloid read. The manoeuvring had paid off.”

Well I Never, never knew…

February 1998 I was working in the Citrus Orchard.. working my butt off..

Pamela Ida


Council Declares State of Emergency

Council Declares STATE OF EMERGENCY?

About noon today, the town council, at the request of the police chief, declared an official state of emergency. Sgt Xavier Frausto was dressed in tactical gear when he and the police chief demanded the mayor get in their car. Mayor Foster declined, and drove himself to town hall. Frausto unlocked the door for the mayor. Foster and others saw town officials convened for official business, with the town clerk and town attorney also present. "This is an illegal meeting!" said Mayor Foster. Sgt Frausto locked the door on him.  When asked later for a comment about what transpired, Concilman Bob Kelley said he couldn't talk about it, Barbara Cowell said she didn't understand who called the meeting, or what thay had done, and Jerry Lukkasson denied it. According to another news report "Taft told the Pioneer the meeting came about after discussions between Town Attorney Martin Brannan, Gilbert and herself regarding threatening e-mails sent to council members and town officials. She said they received advice from attorneys for the League of Arizona Towns and Cities that they should declare an emergency and call a special council meeting."

According to "Rain", aka Anna English, "Council members tell me town is not under martial law. Linda, the clerk at Police Dept is telling callers today hat the town is!!! So there you have it! "


What a tangled web we weave…

See: Section 3-2-1 "Town Manager", E "Powers and Duties"
"In case of accident, disaster or other circumstances creating a public emergency, the manager may award contracts, and make purchases for the purpose of meeting said emergency"









What's the difference between declaring an emergency and martial law? See:


Pete has added Rant Obanana

and here is some more info
Obama Caught Staging Terror Attack



US government openly admits arming Mexican drug gangs with 30,000 firearms – but why?

Obama Administration Caught Running False Flag Against Second Amendment

What is Problem Reaction Solution?


What’s a False Flag?


What is Hegelian Dialectic?




Holder: The Man Who Covered Up Waco


The Waco Massacre


Ron Paul for President 2012




Bad criminals go to jail, the best go to Washington


How Will You Eat When the Dollar Crashes? Get FREE FOOD NOW!


Like “patriot fires” set by people who would rather burn the country down than have it taken away from them, I want to believe in this too, but how can we know this isn’t just another set up by the perps?

You see, we can’t and THAT’S the problem. I’ll only be satisfied when I start seeing the thugs and politicians themselves forcibly held accountable for ignoring the law, tormenting, incarcerating and murdering citizens.




Compare the Pair


Nipah virus and Hendra virus infection

First, the pathogenic characteristics 
Two viruses are named after place names, were analyzed by electron, serology and DNA analysis, the proof that its subjects are paramyxovirus (Paramyxoviridae), but because the virus characteristics and the division between the known virus, too, so attributed to the virus is shed, the Nipah virus, Hendra (Henipahvirus), as a polymorphism with the envelope membrane of the virus, negative strand genome linear single-stranded RNA, both fluid and tissue through the dissemination of and cause lethal zoonotic infection. Hendra virus (Hendra virus; HeV) genome length of approximately 18,234 nt, the size from 38 nm-600 or above range. Nipah virus (Nipah virus; NPV) similar appearance to HeV, the size of about 200-300 nm or more. Immunofluorescence assay, NPV and HeV will produce cross-reactive antibodies. In terms of analysis and comparison of nucleotide sequences, both about 20% of the nucleic acid sequence differences. 

— see the blog.. Miscellaneous
Pamela Ida

Empethy, Refugees

Jen Asked

My Reply:Sri Lankas – I did not hear an up roar like Aussies jumped to condemn the Indonesians & how they slaughter cattle they have bought!


The video of the 2008 war where 10,000 killed or misplaced – herded into camps, many came here on boats, and to India, Indonesia etc.  The Tamil soldier has a reputation, but the Sri Lankin Soldier had someone posing as Red Cross, then sent in to exterminate the hospital patients, i.e. if you watched the video, or 4 corners broadcast 4/07/2011.. 

I usually don’t, last night 11/07 .. watched the start to see what else this sensationalist broadcaster would come up with next.

Are they testing us.10s of Thousands were fleeing the middle east & landing on Mediterranean Island, Italy & others..Genocide ..

Something is brewing, something big, the hand of God??  Even a simple street march gets out of control & violence erupts from infiltrators whose only ambition is start a fight.

We have our Coal & Gas mines wanting more workers, they already have the ‘work camps’ built.  Our town folk kick up a fuss because of ‘work camps’ & want more homes.  

Would you want them living next door? –  In this small town, many homes now are 6 to a house, vehicles parked on lawns..

Would you want tempory workers from  Asia not able or willing to speak Australian Official Language, & they would feel foreign as they are sent home direct the job finishes, as they are done in China, working in a different provience. Nor allowed to fratenize with the locals there.  

Australia = Little China*
Canada Had more Compassion than Australia?

New window http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrg7WDiNjNs


To India.. still a rough ride


Close to home


Yet Australians are more concerned about Cattle Slaughter

cattle are bred for Human Consumption

Are Tamil bred for Slaughter??

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