Empethy, Refugees

Jen Asked

My Reply:Sri Lankas – I did not hear an up roar like Aussies jumped to condemn the Indonesians & how they slaughter cattle they have bought!


The video of the 2008 war where 10,000 killed or misplaced – herded into camps, many came here on boats, and to India, Indonesia etc.  The Tamil soldier has a reputation, but the Sri Lankin Soldier had someone posing as Red Cross, then sent in to exterminate the hospital patients, i.e. if you watched the video, or 4 corners broadcast 4/07/2011.. 

I usually don’t, last night 11/07 .. watched the start to see what else this sensationalist broadcaster would come up with next.

Are they testing us.10s of Thousands were fleeing the middle east & landing on Mediterranean Island, Italy & others..Genocide ..

Something is brewing, something big, the hand of God??  Even a simple street march gets out of control & violence erupts from infiltrators whose only ambition is start a fight.

We have our Coal & Gas mines wanting more workers, they already have the ‘work camps’ built.  Our town folk kick up a fuss because of ‘work camps’ & want more homes.  

Would you want them living next door? –  In this small town, many homes now are 6 to a house, vehicles parked on lawns..

Would you want tempory workers from  Asia not able or willing to speak Australian Official Language, & they would feel foreign as they are sent home direct the job finishes, as they are done in China, working in a different provience. Nor allowed to fratenize with the locals there.  

Australia = Little China*
Canada Had more Compassion than Australia?

New window http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrg7WDiNjNs


To India.. still a rough ride


Close to home


Yet Australians are more concerned about Cattle Slaughter

cattle are bred for Human Consumption

Are Tamil bred for Slaughter??

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