Compare the Pair


Nipah virus and Hendra virus infection

First, the pathogenic characteristics 
Two viruses are named after place names, were analyzed by electron, serology and DNA analysis, the proof that its subjects are paramyxovirus (Paramyxoviridae), but because the virus characteristics and the division between the known virus, too, so attributed to the virus is shed, the Nipah virus, Hendra (Henipahvirus), as a polymorphism with the envelope membrane of the virus, negative strand genome linear single-stranded RNA, both fluid and tissue through the dissemination of and cause lethal zoonotic infection. Hendra virus (Hendra virus; HeV) genome length of approximately 18,234 nt, the size from 38 nm-600 or above range. Nipah virus (Nipah virus; NPV) similar appearance to HeV, the size of about 200-300 nm or more. Immunofluorescence assay, NPV and HeV will produce cross-reactive antibodies. In terms of analysis and comparison of nucleotide sequences, both about 20% of the nucleic acid sequence differences. 

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Pamela Ida


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