Late Night Post first Day Home

I was back home yesterday, today my first full day home.

Washing Clothes, Meals & then an Afternoon Sleep
I still have not washed the days dishes…
It is bed I am heading too.. but before 'beep'
''There are guns across the river, aiming at ya''

Crazy Ants an invasion of Queensland,

Here is a mish mash of postings…

9/11 buildings came tumbling,
Just don't employ an American Architect …no sir..

Environmentalists have again warned of an ecological disaster at the southern end of Queensland's Great Barrier Reef, following the discovery of a dead dugong.~

–See here also for more Wild Life & Environmental Sites 

HANDS OFF COUNTRY – still opposing
http://handsoffcountry.blogspot.com/ gas mining in North West WA

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