Ancestors of mine Arrive in Tasmania 1828

John & Elizabeth Ramsdale with four daughters & one son…passengers on the Caroline
he employed by the Van Diemen's Land Company as Bayliff/Overseer under contract.
Ellen Ramsdale just 5 years old, later married my great, great grandfather, Henry Fortesque
Weatherhead.. he like his dad was employed by British Merchant Navy..
Those hungry Spanish Pirates ( no one wished to talk to Hobart News Men)  stole or swapped 
their crappy sheep for these wonderful bred fellows, specially imported from Germany.

After a grueling journey on the Caroline, they arrive Saturday 28th July 1828

at  a Hobart port…see Extract in standard print form v my computer..

print version of article  & if that cannot be viewed see


Hobart Town Courier (Tas. : 1827 – 1839), Saturday 2 February 1828, page 3

$& January 27.-The Brig Java Packet,
Jsg^ägk Fredcrique A. Mace, Commander, T. J.
Pitman, Esq. Owner, for
Sydney, chiefly in ballast.’
Passengers, Mr. R. Davison, und three others.
On Thursday the Currency Lass arrived nt Hobart town, ffom Launceston, with wheat and other
LAV WESTON, Jan. 28, 1823.-On Tuesday the
Cutter Cuioline sniled, for Sydney, with a
cargo of
On Wednesday the Fanny arrived from Circulai
OB Saturday the’Van Diemen’s land Company’s
ship, Caroline, arriv ed from England, which she left
we learn, nearly six months ago,
and therefoic
no news. She will proceed
ii ii underload to Circular head, but we ha\e to complain of the
nil its resident orneéis,
that they keep ns, ann
consequently the public, wholly uninformed or their
proceedings. Whether this silence is
caused by’the
magnitude of these proceedings, which
their time and attention, or whether they be of too
moment to îecoid, we will not pretend to say,
but the company
is a public body from whose
‘operations the colony has been taught to expect grcal
things, mid the public has a right to know them whatever they
^ t
On Saturday the schooners Resolution and Henrv,
arrived from Hobart tow n.atid the Hetty fruiuSydiièy
Remain in port, the ship Caioliuc, biigTianmere,
schooners Resolution and Henty, and cutler Fanny.
The ship Caroline had been so long cm the
considerable anxiety was ctileitaiued for her
safety. About the equator we learn she was boarded by a Spanish privateer, who robbet! her of some
articles, and exchanged some valuable sheep for
others of less value,



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