Brief View of Mining News Australia

Swan says mining tax is good to go
Treasurer Wayne Swan will today reveal new economic modelling showing the benefits that will flow from the mining tax.
Payments by miners to be more transparent
Resources minister Martin Ferguson says Australia will trial an international program that publishes company payments and Government revenues from mining.
Genocide claims against Rio Tinto reinstated
A US federal appeals court has reversed the dismissal of genocide and war crime charges against Rio Tinto by landowners in Papua New Guinea.
Self contained mining town labelled 'ridiculous'
The Queensland Planning and Environment Court's approval of a 'self contained mining community' may set a dangerous precedent, a local council claims.
Urine tests fail workers, AMWU says
A plan by Caterpillar to use urine based drug and alcohol tests for its Burnie manufacturing plant in Tasmania is "outdated and inaccurate," according to the Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union.
Rio mining technology sees visit from Royals
Rio Tinto's Mine of the Future technology saw a visit from the Duke of Edinburgh prior to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth.
Coal miners allowed collective negotiations for Dudgeon Point
The ACCC has granted interim authorisation for coal miners to collectively negotiate with Dudgeon Point terminal management.
JSF manufacturer targets mining sector to cover defence loss 
UK-based defence company, BAE Systems, is targeting Australia's manufacturing for mining sector as a possible growth area to supplement its income.
Murchison Metals co-founder quits
Murchison Metals co-founder Paul Kopejtka has quit the board of the company after being axed from his role as executive chairman several months ago.


Julia Gillard on Gay.. World

Why do two women or two men wish to marry..???

Now for the Islamic View?

Yusuf al-Qaradawi (Arabicيوسف القرضاوي Yūsuf al-Qaraḍāwiy‎; born September 9, 1926) is a controversial Egyptian Islamic theologian. He is best known for his programme, ash-Shariah wal-Hayat ("Shariah and Life"), broadcast on Al Jazeera, which has an estimated audience of 60 million worldwide.[1][2] He is also well-known for IslamOnline, a popular website he helped found in 1997 and for which he now serves as chief religious scholar.[3]

Occupy — the new form of protest attracts worst Police Reaction

this has not overflowed here to Australia,   the land down under.. 

How things were here in 
Queensland .. before I was
born in 1943.

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Remembering Goodna. Straitjackets and other clothing of restraint at the <em>Remembering Goodna</em> exhibition (Museum of Brisbane)


by Dr. Manura Nanayakkara 

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Created on: June 12, 2010

Largactil is the popular brand name of the prescription only generic drug Chorpromazine. Largactil was the first antipsychotic that came to drug market. It was originally used to treat allergies (anti histamine), but later found to have an effect on psychotic features in patients with schizophrenia. Name Largactil denotes large number of actions. This medication is in the drug class Phenothiazines.

It is used as an Antihistamine, Anti emetic, Anti Psychotic, Sedative agent, agent to reduce severe behavioral problems in children, and as a medication for hiccups. Mainside effects are dry mouth, sedation and abnormal movements called extrapyramidal symptoms. Largactil is available as tablets, rectal form as well as injections.

This medication affects number of receptors in human body, including Dopamine receptors, Histamine receptors, and Muscarinic cholinergic Receptors.




Libya as it was before Rebellion of 2011

A British Video..

These were posted to you tube today..QUOTE:

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Oct 11, 2011

The slaughter in Sirte

Libya: Anti-Gaddafi Fighters Loot, Burn Homes In Sirte


Crisis Libya: Rebels Create Humanitarian Disaster, Then Blame it on Qaddafi

10/oct/11 NATO Mercenaries flee Sirte University after receiving heavy casualties 
According to Libyan Liberal Youth, Libyan Defense Forces trapped NATO Mercenaries in and around Sirte University after pretending to pull back. NATO Mercenaries were in the campus from 8am to 1pm when the resistance implemented a sneak attack causing heavy casualties and forcing the remaining Mercenaries to flee.

10/oct/11 NATO Mercenaries enter Sirte Hospital and terrorizing patients 
According to new reports all patients in Sirte Hospital are terrorized by NATO Mercenaries, as they are accused of being resistance fighters. Many critically injured patients have already been forced out of the hospital, their faith is unknown, but they most likely have been killed outside and dumped in yet more mass graves.

Reports confirm once again that NATO Mercenaries and NATO bombed the hospital many times, a civilian target, then occupied it and using it as a base because Libyan Defense Forces don't attack hospitals unlike NATO. 

Witnesses in the hospital report that the top floors are empty and heavily damaged due to NATO bombings.

A Doctor in the hospital, Maria Cristina Cruz sait that "Nobody went to work after October 2 because of the shelling. They were firing from five in the morning until it got dark,".

Dr Nabil Lamine said that "It was a holocaust, not a hospital," referring to the brutal bombing of the hospital and the lack of medical equipment and doctors to save civilians who were injured by NATO and its Mercenaries.

The situation is dire, but HRW organizations are still deafeningly silent. As I said before, NATO is attempting a genocide in Sirte, trying to exterminate a whole Tribe which supports the Libyan Jamahariya Government.

NATO Mercenaries occupied the civilian hospital after a pull back operation by Libyan Defense Forces, now Doctors in the hospital are being terrorized and forced to treat fighters injured in traps instead of civilians critically injured in NATO + Mercenary bombings.

10/oct/11 NATO Mercenary commander in Tripoli lays down arms and goes home 
A top NATO Mercenary commander Mahdi al-Harati has laid down arms and has gone home to Ireland. Analysts believes this is due to inner fighting in Tripoli. Al-Harati was the deputy head of Tripoli Military Council which was formed by NATO, this is just the beginning of the end for Mercenaries, many fighters have laid down arms and refuse to fight anymore, but the die hard NATO loyalists are fighting amongst each other in Tripoli.

10/oct/11 NATO Mercenaries receive another defeat in Bani Walid 
According to new reports NATO Mercenaries faced another devastating defeat in Bani Walid and fled after receiving heavy casualties.

NATO Mercenaries have tried to occupy Bani Walid many times, but have faced defeats every time. Many fighters have laid down arms and some have gone home. Other fighters tried to go home in Misratah but were forced to go back to the front lines and fight because they were refused entry.

09/oct/11 NATO's genocide in Sirte with world's deafening silence 
According to new reports everything is being bombed by NATO and its Mercenaries in the town of Sirte. TIMES reports that civilian houses are bombed continuously and civilians who try to flee are killed.

This comes after NATO Mercenaries claimed that there is only 300 civilians in Sirte, that means NATO is planning to kill everyone in the town of 100,000 population, and evidence proves that they are trying to kill everyone in the town.

This will be recorded in history as one of NATO's most heinous crimes against defenseless people, an attempt to exterminate a whole Tribe. Will NATO get away with these crimes? We still have not heard anything from cowardice HRW groups which claim to care for civilians and human rights as much as NATO.''   end of quote


Obama: Banks broke no laws


Dear Ida,

Today, from our sister site RealEcon TV, we have a video of
President Obama, who is a creature of Wall St. himself, proclaiming
that the '…banks broke no laws."

Mixing sub-prime mortgages into a derivatives package and giving it
a triple A credit rating is fraud. Is fraud no longer illegal?

Obama even squirms a little as he defends his buddies in banking,
almost as if the lies tasted foul coming out of his mouth.

Max Keiser breaks it down for us on the Keiser Report…



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‘NATO bombed Libya back into Stone Age’

Message to 


Just hours before it was announced that Colonel Gaddafi had been
executed by the Al Qaeda linked rebels in Libya, Hillary Clinton
was in Libya offering her support for the rebels and openly hoping
for the 'capture or killing' of the deposed dictator.

She got what she wanted, and now that Libyans have been liberated
from the prosperity of their former ruler, they are free to endure
the ethnic cleansing, genocide, and human rights violations without
fear of Gaddafi ever coming back to build them hospitals, schools,
or even roads.


– Brasscheck

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