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I watched Alex’s video again. Egypt still going Hammer & Tongs re it’s milatry rulers, latest news.

”REPORTING FROM CAIRO — They came by the tens of thousands, swelling through neighborhoods, marching over bridges and pouring into Tahrir Square on Friday in the biggest protest yet against Egypt’s beleaguered military rulers.

The demonstration in Cairo erupted days ahead of Monday’s parliamentary elections, heightening this frayed nation’s political turmoil and intensifying the standoff between protesters who succeeded in ousting longtime President Hosni Mubarak and generals who have yet to solidify their once-unquestioned legitimacy.

In a bold public rebuke, Washington urged the military to step aside. The move signaled the Obama administration’s frustration over months of human-rights abuses and stifled democracy in one of the region’s most influential nations.

“The United States strongly believes that the new Egyptian government must be empowered with real authority immediately,” the White House said in a statement. “Full transfer of power to a civilian government must take place in a just and inclusive manner that responds to the legitimate aspirations of the Egyptian people, as soon as possible.”

PUTTING Mr Celente;s news of Crooks taking over, using the unsuspecting masses to do their dirty work I try to put some perspective in local happenings.. RAAF x f111 dumped in a hole, and we still have to pay for new ones.. When we buy a new car, we sell or trade in the old one.. best budgeting.
Pamea’s comment, then an answer to ‘falangatang from Springfield Central ‘ yet to be published.
Enormous Losses, yet they still trade!http://topics.nytimes.com/top/news/business/companies/goldman_sachs_group_inc/index.html


Who is Ann Barnhardt & what is she About

Written by By Andrew G. Bostom  for America Thinker

''Kansas-born Ann Barnhardt was raised on a farm with a working cow-calf operation. Her formal training includes a B.S. in Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Economics, obtained at Kansas State University. Now a Colorado-based commodity broker, she reacted with singular clarity and courage to the recent carnage by the all too familiar Afghan Muslim mobs, and of equal importance, their witless, morally cretinous American apologists. Her verbal dismembering of Lindsey Graham (in Part 1) is epochal.

Diana West introduced me to Ann's highly informed, if appropriately trenchant videos (in two parts), which can be viewed in full at these links [(Part 1); (Part 2)] Diana's commentary and a subsequent equally insightful blog by Roger Kimball provide valuable context to Ann  Barnhardt's videos seen through the prism of two of our most perspicacious cultural critics.

My focus is on Barnhardt's astute, irrefragable observation (starting at 1:54) that Islam is a "…totalitarian political system masquerading as a religion," and her accurate "exegesis" of Koranic verses, entirely consistent with their interpretation by a classical mainstream Koranic commentary that remains the seminal work introducing Muslims to "Koranic understanding."

First, Ann Barnhardt's view of Islam as an innately totalitarian political system comports with a continuum of modern assessments by great Western scholars dating back to the renowned Swiss historian Jacob Burkhardt in the mid-19th century. Bernard Lewis, the eminence grise of contemporary Western scholars of Islam, confirmed Burckhardt's assessment a century later.

Perhaps the initial reference to Islam as a totalitarian system, specifically (Burckhardt used the most comparable 19th century term "despotism"), was made in 1937 by Charles R. Watson, the Cairo-born first head of the American University at Cairo. Watson noted,

In the case of the Mohammedan world, religion has seemingly affected every detail of life with its prescriptions and requirements…[N]o other religion, as it conquered new territory, has so completely and quickly wiped out even the culture of the conquered people and imposed upon their total life new ways and customs, often a new language, as has the Mohammedan religion.

Islam can truly be described as totalitarian. By a million roots, penetrating every phase of life, all of them with religious significance, it is able to maintain its hold upon the life of the Moslem peoples.

Subsequently, in 1950, G.H. Bousquet, one of the pre-eminent 20th century scholars of the Shari'a (Islamic Law), described Islam as "as a doubly totalitarian system," which, via the timeless institution of jihad war,
You can find her video's on you tube,  and more reading at http://www.americanthinker.com

Fred Britton & Fred Ward

1870 saw the end of the bushranging era in New England. It proved an exciting year for William Northey. The most notorious and feared outlaw in the district was Captain Thunderbolt, or Frederick Ward. Born in May 1836 at Windsor NSW to well respected parents he received some formal education before taking up his trade as groom and horse breaker. Ward first clashed with the law when he was charged with stealing 15 horses from Tocal on the Patterson River in the Hunter Valley. Although he produced a receipt in court, for some unknown reason, because the horses had been stolen from a previous owner, Ward was goaled for a period of 10 years at Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour. In June 1860 he received a ticket of leave but was soon arrested and charged with receiving stolen horses. The official accounts of the second arrest are vague. However one popular version places him as the scape-goat of a crooked horse trainer who persuaded Ward to ride for him a!
t a bush meeting without telling him that the horses were stolen. Ward soon found himself back at Cockatoo Island. It is interesting to note that Annie Rixon in her book " Captain Thunderbolt" appears to have accumulated a lot of evidence to suggest that Ward was innocent of the abovementioned charges. Ward and a companion Fred Britton escaped on 15 September 1863. They were assisted in this venture by Ward's aboriginal (half cast) wife known as "Sunday". Ward vowed that he would rather die than return to Cockatoo Island and , after many hair-raising adventures decided to go it alone as a Bush Ranger in the New England district of NSW ranging as far afield as Maitland and Gloucester in the East and toward the Queensland border in the North.