What he said about you..eh Me

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S.S – GetUp!

Dear Pam,

I wish I didn't have to write you this email, but you should know you've been grossly insulted by Senator Ian MacDonald.

Twice, in our Parliament, he called you and other GetUp members “the Hitler Youth wing of the Greens' political movement.”

GetUp member Andrew's response says it all:

Dear Senator, I am a 47 year old Australian citizen, retired Police Officer and a member of GetUp. I am not, nor have I ever been either a member of the Greens or the Hitler Youth. Your comments in Parliament were not only offensive to me personally but offend the office of Senator. Organisations like Getup exist only because political parties do not adequately represent our interests. We are many and we will be heard.
– Proud GetUp Member, Andrew

Let's clarify something for Senator MacDonald: being part of movements like GetUp is how ordinary people respond when politicians like him are out of touch.

And then this, from Senator MacDonald's colleague Bronwyn Bishop scorning GetUp donors in a committee hearing. When told the average donation to GetUp is just $27, she scoffed: “$27 doesn’t add up to much.”

But we know what it adds up to: a movement of over half a million Australians trying to make our nation a better place. Of 69,087 people so far this year who have donated to make it all possible. Of progress on the issues we care about and bind us together.

Well Senator MacDonald, I'm proud to be a part of that. Those small donations, each week, create the change politicians like this never will.

If you're proud to be a GetUp member, let's show them what a real people's movement can add up to by chipping in a small regular donation:


I joined GetUp because alone, my voice could never be heard. Alone, my spare change could never match the wealth of those Ms Bishop prefers to have influence. But together, we have something extraordinary.

Senator MacDonald can feel free to attack me personally if he disagrees with me, but it is of no place for any elected official to attack everyday Australians who take part in GetUp for daring to play a part in our democracy. Whatever he calls our movement, I'm so proud to be a part of it.

Click here to show him everyday people have the power to build something extraordinary when we all chip in together: www.getup.org.au/ProudToAddUpToGetUp

Thanks Andrew, for saying it better than I could, and thanks Senator MacDonald for reminding us why this movement exists in the first place.

Simon Sheikh,
National Director,

GetUp is an independent, not-for-profit community campaigning group. We use new technology to empower Australians to have their say on important national issues. We receive no political party or government funding, and every campaign we run is entirely supported by voluntary donations. If you'd like to contribute to help fund GetUp's work, please donate now! If you have trouble with any links in this email, please go directly to www.getup.org.au. To unsubscribe from GetUp, please click here. Authorised by Simon Sheikh, Level 5, 116 Kippax St, Surry Hills NSW 2010


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