Obama’s Plan for Australia

Hands off Country is a protest indigenous  group from north west Australia..

Obama's  plan for troops in Darwin — getting very close to Indonesia..

makes this video worth considering in context of what is the PLAN


American Indian Perspective 


One thought on “Obama’s Plan for Australia

  1. I think Mr Tarpley says it all and quite well. EUGENICS its all EUGENICS the lies ( your a carbon based life form and you deserve taxing) the contractual agreement between IPART and our alledged elected leaders to riaise the price of your utilities, the fracdking of our food bowl part of adgenda 21 the ignorance of section 53 of our constitutioin , (geeze im a winger eh )
    but if we stand byu and let this stuff just happen what will our children think of us? when they get to be our age?

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