Fewer babies for adoption 1949


Article text,http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/59494415
Why Adoption Babies Are Few

With a State illegitimacy average of 350 an- nually why are hundreds
of people on the child adoption waiting list?

Mainly because a single mother in these more tolerant days often
marries a man who was not the father of her offspring and then the
pair have legitimacy conferred upon the child by adopting it.

In giving this answer yes- terday, Child Welfare Dept. Secretary A.
L. Young made the unexpected observation that the present illegitimacy
was practically identical with thc peak war period.

Very few unmarried women today are marrying the fath- ers of their
children. And wisely so, according to Mr. Young because they no

longer trusted the man who had let them down,
However, when single women did marry the father of the child,
legitimacy could

be conferred easily by correct- ing the birth entry.

Reasons why unmarried women now held on to their children were mainly
eco- nomic, Mr. Young said. Higher wages and greater help from
Commonwealth and State sources had increased their independence.

Economic reasons and bet- ter supervision also accounted for the fact
that nowadays appearances of girls on moral delinquency or stealing

were rare.

Mr. Young has only been in charge of the Department a few weeks. He
became Sec- retary upon the death of Mr. H. T. McMinn, whose policy of
greater service to the pub- lic, greater collaboration with other
departments and ex- pansion of Child Welfare ac- tivity in the country
he in- tends to follow.

He said the recent introduc- tion of regional inspectors at Geraldton,
Northam, Kalgoor- lie, Bunbury and Katanning had been tremendously
suc- cessful.

Juvenile Crime

Already from Kalgoorlie today one of the State’s worst areas for
juvenile crime-has come requests for an in spectress and a male
assistant to the inspector, whose terri- tory spreads from Leonora to
Esperance and Southern Cross.

Expanded duties of the Child Welfare Dept. include supervision of
British children received into various institu- tions, and inspectons
of ac commodaton by people who nominated British migrants.

This is in collaboration with the Depts. of Land and Im i migration,
which do not haveI inspection staffs.

Otranto will be at Fremantle Tuesday, homeward’ bound on her first
trip since j [refitting as a tourist ship.

Permits to inspect the liner are available, at the Orient Line office.



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