Note by ‘Spring Blossom’ — moral responsibilities for the sexual abuse inflicted on mothers

Spring Blossom
”I just wanted to share this with you all.and to hear your comments

This Nation must also share moral responsibilities for the sexual
abuse inflicted on mothers during pregnancy and the crimes of
kidnapping of so many new born babies from their mothers as the
Nation’s solution to barren couples. The evidence contributed by the
Commonwealth Government in relation to the Nation’s law and unmarried
mothers to the United Nations study carried out in 4 regions of the
world from 1961-’64 clearly states the indisputable law of this
Nation. Within the Australian Legal System, the Mother – Child
relationship exists in Law as a consequence of birth. Although the
father had no legal right to parental authority, as he was regarded in
a subsidiary role, he had the right to apply for custody of his child
over a third person. (AP). As the Court was to act in the best
interests of the child, it had an obligation to include the father in
the proceedings. No legislation introduced in this country can
contravene the Rule of Law and our Constitution.

Every Federal and/or State Official including Politicians, act under
the AUTHORITY of the Australian Constitution and any Federal and/or
STATE legislation that deprives mother/father of her/his child is
REPUGNANT to our Constitution. In other words, REPUGNANT=
contradictory, inconsistent, incompatible, offensive, objectionable
and causing aversion to what our Rule of Law and our Constitution our
forefathers intended!

The more our truth is analysed the more it is lost through the concept
of the thought forms of those never involved – those that never
experienced the crimes – forever. The very being of a mothers’
experiences are truly present throughout this inquiry’s structure and
must not immediately be forgotten in favour of others thought patterns
which are trapped in thoughts for the future.

A deeper dimension of thought must be put into our truth and remember
that we are worthy of our motherhood and every thought in each
Senator’s mind must identify us as mothers and not victims of the past
myths put into place to cover up the crimes committed against us. We
may have been forced into having thoughts of not being worthy to
recognise ourselves as mothers – But (ONCE AWAKENED) A MOTHER IS
ALWAYS A MOTHER. Unwed teenage natural mothers’ true images have
emerged over the past 20+ years and the sources relating to the trauma
inflicted must be recognised and identified in the final report. We
can finally be ourselves no longer living an illusion of unworthiness
speaking out that we are mothers. We do not need confirmation from our
children to be mothers – we are mothers and nothing can ever change us
from being mothers.

Mothers cannot control each individual Senators’ mind as we do not
have to attempt to add anymore to whom we are – we are mothers and the
Senators must confirm the universal recognition we deserve that we are
mothers. Once the Senators see us as mothers and not the desirable
image that the past wanted us to be – all past illusions will
disappear and our truth will be seen clearly and the whole identity of
mothers will be finally acknowledged.

Justice must predominate in the matter of crimes committed against
unwed natural teenage mothers who were illegally and unlawfully
separated from their babies at birth by the medical profession.
Turning a blind eye to these crimes is unacceptable and I emphasise
that natural mothers were never involved in the adoption process – it
was an industry carried out with the approval of the Commonwealth
Government and past Australian politicians and leaders. State
Governments and religious organisations carried through with these
crimes under the watchful and approved eye of the Commonwealth
Government leaders.

This inquiry has the opportunity to help rectify past and bureaucratic
wrongs which our leaders shared.

Excuses such as lapse of time since the crimes were committed,
witnesses memories may have faded or they may be confused, others will
have undoubtedly died – can’t be used in this country as they are not
accepted in Germany, Frances, Israel and the United States. The above
excuses were used by this country in other past criminal issues. These
Nations have demonstrated even after a lapse of time (60+years)
justice will be done and seen to be done.

This brutal part of our nation’s history (1958-1972) of crimes against
mothers was committed under the watchful eye and during the reign of
the Commonwealth Liberal Party.

Regarding the question of retrospectivity – no statute of limitations
exist for crimes committed against mothers and babies under
International and Australian Laws and no person involved is exempt
from facing justice as they have never received a pardon from these

The perpetrators of these crimes should be treated no different to any
one else who committed a serious crime 50+ years ago.”

Quoted from facebook.. Feel free to comment, all comments must be
approved by me.


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