Bipolar disorders are disabling and, for most
patients, recurrent illnesses. Lithium is the ‘gold
standard’ mood stabiliser in terms of efficacy,
but many patients find it difficult to tolerate.
The anticonvulsants sodium valproate and
carbamazepine are useful despite minimal
controlled evidence for their prophylactic efficacy.
The approval of olanzapine and lamotrigine for
maintenance treatment increases the choice of
drug therapy. These new drugs, in conjunction
with the development of effective psychological
interventions, mean that the clinician has an
increasing range of effective options to offer
patients with these disabling and challenging

Key words: carbamazepine, lithium, lamotrigine, olanzapine,
sodium valproate.

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 If you believe that you can diminish your symptoms and recover from bipolar disorder, then you are much more likely to work hard to make changes which will result in a less intense symptoms profile, with a lifestyle conducive to good mental health.

Take heart! Many who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder have been “cured” and haven’t had to resign themselves to a life of strong pharmaceutical drugs. Bipolar disorder is currently the most misdiagnosed disorder with more than an estimated 50% of BD diagnoses reportedly inaccurate.” quote from this very helpful web site





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  1. Pamea says:

    Some Side effects : of lamotrigine,
    Severe muscle pain
    Frequent infections
    Signs of a dangerous allergic reaction, including:

    Hives or any rash
    Swollen lymph nodes (swollen “glands”)
    Painful sores in or around the mouth or eyes
    Swelling of the lips or tongue

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