Women lower the Moral to hold on to Top Jobs


In 2008

LABOR has failed to convince its members not to challenge sitting
Queensland MPs for party preselection for the next state election.

The party expects all sitting members who want to run again to be
endorsed for the next election due in 2009.

But Jo-Ann Miller, elected in a by-election for the state seat of
Bundamba in February 2000, will face challenges from electorate
officer Kerry Silver and self-employed home-accessories manufacturer
Ian McIlmurray.

Mr McIlmurray, 41, said he had decided to nominate because he did not
think Ms Miller was “doing a very good job”.
NOW I READ MORE ABOUT MS MILLAR an Ipswich Qld Labor Candidate..
New Labor leader Anastacia Palaszczuk (right) and Bundamba MP Jo-Ann
Miller at the Ipswich caucus meeting.
Proir to that she was sueing another woman..
When the newspaper agreed, she put the suggestion to Ms Miller who
told her in a loud voice: “Just get lost.”

“I grabbed my things, Jo-Ann was at the back of the room,” Ms Petersen said.

“As I was walking out she looked at me aggressively and I put my hands up.

“I said `Jo-Ann, I was just trying to …’ and that is when she whacked me.

“She gave me a backhander on my upper right arm.

“It was the back of her left hand.

“She just said `I already told you to get lost, now get out of here’.”

Ms Petersen said she had never lodged a complaint against another
candidate in her several tilts at politics.”

Yes, a different paper, seems Ms Miller is a favorite in Ipswich
and has more mates in the Labour Party. I had best be careful what I
print. I have had experience of women’s violence.. both physical and
verbal and watch out for more from Ms Miller in the coming months.


the Premier Ordered the Dam to Fill & Fill more


”Don’t let the water out until it fills at X Level.. Not having see
the Dam in years I cannot comment to what is Full and what is
Over-Full. OK – they feared more Drought. Yours truly replied to a
report on flooding in Rockhampton, a central queensland city to the
north of the capital, then under severe flooding, Brisbane’s turn
will be next, let water out now.. Because I have lived long enough
to remember 1974 & the late 1950’s both drought & flooding. We
managed on far less water consumption per person those days.” Ida

”THE murky accusation that the Wivenhoe Dam was mismanaged in the
lead-up to the Brisbane and Ipswich floods is now lapping at Premier
Anna Bligh’s door, LNP leader Campbell Newman says.

‘Quote/ His (Cambell Newman) comments came after The Courier-Mail
revealed today that Ms Bligh ordered an independent review into the
water release strategies at Wivenhoe Dam just two days before the
floods which devastated Brisbane and Ipswich last year.

Liberal National Party leader Campbell Newman said that Ms Bligh told
the media only two weeks ago that she knew nothing about the
operations of the dam during the floods.

“Clearly that has now been blown out of the water,” Mr Newman told
reporters in Yeppoon on Tuesday.

“We know now that she has been involved, in fact a year ago, in
detailed discussions about the operation of the dam.

“All I can say is it is a murky issue, that is this whole commission
it seems, that is now lapping at the door of the premier’s office.”

Further reading & video can be found at:


Brisbane this Brisbane that gotta Grab Mining FIFO


Brisbane pushes to be FIFO hub
Tony Moore 14..2..12

In a packed room at the Sebel Hotel this morning, Lord Mayor Graham
Quirk has presented a 20-year plan for Brisbane’s growth.

He has told business delegates this expanding sector is the key
strategy of the city’s plan to generate the 340,000 new jobs during
the next decade.

Use Queensland workers, Indian miner told

For every direct mining job created in Queensland, 19 extra jobs had
been created in Brisbane.

“The great thing about these jobs is the majority of them are
long-term high value professional services,” he said.

Resource industry firms already contribute $25 billion to the Greater
Brisbane economy each year, he said.

This resource industry growth is the key thrust of a 20-year plan for
Brisbane Cr Quirk will unveil this morning.

“The global expansion of resource industries is bringing an
unprecedented window of opportunity to Brisbane and we are on the cusp
of a resource-based economic transformation,” he said.

“This is expected to drive strong business investment and expansion in
Brisbane and this plan sets out the economic agenda to ensure Brisbane
is in the best possible position to maximise the returns from the
current resource boom and deliver long-term prosperity for our city
and its residents.”

Brisbane is already headquarters for mining companies such as Santos,
BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Peabody Energy, Xstrata, Vale and Bechtel.

Cr Quirk said Brisbane’s growing resource industry base generated job
opportunities in other mining-related businesses.

“That includes a wide range of supporting service industries including
financial, legal, specialist consulting, research and recruitment
services,” he said.

The 20-year economic development plan predicts Brisbane would grow
faster than Hong Kong and Singapore by 2020.

Industry in Brisbane generates around 46 per cent of Queensland’s
gross domestic product and about 9 per cent of the national GDP total,
the plan finds.

Cr Quirk said Brisbane was forecast to double its economy to $217
billion by 2031 and the city’s heart would grow out towards Milton,
South Brisbane, Fortitude Valley and Bowen Hills to cope with the
expected growth.

Brisbane City Council last year announced a moratorium on
infrastructure charges to attract new five-star hotels to the city and
earlier this year announced an advertising push into other capital
cities to lure business to Brisbane.

The key drivers of Brisbane’s growth over the next 10 years include:

– targeting Brisbane’s professionals to join trade missions to Asia;

– supporting the growth of Brisbane as a hub to resource industries in

– expanding business opportunities linked to Brisbane’s air and sea ports; and

– attracting extra airline services and connections to Brisbane./end quote

Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/brisbane-pushes-to-be-fifo-hub-20120213-1t25p.html#ixzz1pJs5AFSE

”The Indian Mine
Indian company planning to build Queensland’s largest coal mine has
been warned not to rely too heavily on imported labour.
The Adani Group has purchased a sprawling Moray Downs cattle station,
north of Emerald, for the mine and plans to build a new town to
support its operations.
It will also build a new airstrip for fly-in, fly-out workers and new
rail and port facilities in Queensland to help it export its coal,
predominantly to India.
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The construction of the project is expected to cost some $6 billion”

Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/use-queensland-workers-indian-miner-told-20120214-1t2xw.html#ixzz1pJtUBymj

”The Adani Group says it will employ Australians before foreign
workers at its proposed coalmine in the Galilee Basin, north of
The Adani Group has purchased a sprawling Moray Downs cattle station,
to accommodate the mine and plans to build a new town to support its
Moray Downs sits over about one-third of the total resource in the
Galilee Basin.”

WANT TO BET.. The Indian Worker is already here, in our Universities,
Driving Taxi
even working for QRail.. Driving Bus in City..
Siek driver scared my friend who was
my carer for the day
frightned her with his irratic
driving..perhaps he thought he
was already in the mine vehicle?


”NEW DELHI: The skills that are essential for the Australian economy in the long term are available in India, and the Australian government is looking to tap the young Indian base in a big way in the coming years.

The Australian minister for immigration and citizenship Chris Evans, who is in New Delhi, in the wake of widespread violent attacks against Indian students in Australia, told ET that in view of the ageing workforce in Australia, the government was increasingly looking to attract Indian IT, engineering and medical professionals as permanent residents under the skilled stream migration programme (SSMP).”


You may find some news on the new mine in the next few weeks at..

Pamela Ida


The Real Agenda 21 & Puppet No One

quote frm ..
”Fall Of The Republic: The Presidency Of Barack H. Obama documents
how an offshore corporate cartel is bankrupting the U.S. economy by
design. Leaders are now declaring that world government has arrived
and that the dollar will be replaced by a new global currency.
President Obama has brazenly violated Article 1 Section 9 of the U.S.
Constitution by seating himself at the head of United Nations’
Security Council, thus becoming the first U.S. president to chair the
world body. A scientific dictatorship is in its final stages of
completion, and laws protecting basic human rights are being abolished
worldwide; an iron curtain of high-tech tyranny is now descending over
the planet. A worldwide regime controlled by an unelected corporate
elite is implementing a planetary carbon tax system that will dominate
all human activity and establish a system of neo-feudal slavery. The
image makers have carefully packaged Obama as the world’s savior; he
is the Trojan Horse manufactured to pacify the people just long enough
for the globalists to complete their master plan. This film reveals
the architecture of the New World Order and what the power elite have
in store for humanity. More importantly it communicates how we the
people can retake control of our government, turn the criminal tide
and bring the tyrants to justice.”

You can purchase a high quality DVD copy of this documentary at
— no comment..
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Jesus an early Naturalist not unlike the ‘King of Ants’

http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ – Every so often a giant emerges on the
stage of science, someone who transcends the narrow boundaries of a
particular line of research and alters our perspective on the world.
E.O. Wilson is such a man.

— I remember a comment Jesus made referring to the Ants.. See the
start of the video,
humans scurring about looking like mere ants.. Man is but as Grass,
is credited to the old bible books.

James 1:10 But the one who is rich should take pride in his low
position, because he will pass away like a wild flower.
James 1:11 For the sun rises with scorching heat and withers the
plant; its blossom falls and its beauty is destroyed. In the same way,
the rich man will fade away even while he goes about his business.
1 Peter 1:24 For, “All men are like grass, and all their glory is like
the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall,
Job 14:2 He springs up like a flower and withers away; like a fleeting
shadow, he does not endure.
Psalm 90:5 You sweep men away in the sleep of death; they are like the
new grass of the morning–
Isaiah 40:6 A voice says, “Cry out.” And I said, “What shall I cry?”
“All men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of
the field.
New International Version ©1984 by Biblica…..http://bible.cc/psalms/103-15.htm

Pamela Ida


Saved by US of A .. only to Create a Monster

O K we are forever grateful United States saved us from Japanese Invasion..

Guadalcanal in World War II:

The first major offensive launched by the Allies against Japan in
World War II took place on Guadalcanal from August 7, 1942, to
February 9, 1943. Since the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7,
1941, the Japanese had advanced toward the South Pacific, threatening
the Allies’ South Pacific ferry route connecting Australia and the
United States.

In May and June, 1942, the U.S. Navy made headway against the Japanese
advance in the Battles of the Coral Sea and Midway. These successes
led the U.S. military to pursue a two-pronged assault in the Solomon
Islands and New Guinea.


They have been Warring ever since..


by Manlio Dinucci
Although political assassination abroad constitutes an act of war, the
United States has been making a daily practice of it. An independent
military command structure, with an annual budget of 8 billion
dollars, is capable of assassinating anyone, anywhere in the world
within 48 hours after a presidential order. During 2011, it operated
in 75 countries around the world unbeknownst to the public.

Was Voltaire referring to this?

BOOK Manlio Dinucci
Controlled Demolition

What would you think if the police after a suspicious explosion that
brought down a house killing everyone who lived, first rimovesse and
destroy all that remains? This is what they did ten years ago, the
U.S. authorities: immediately ordered to remove the steel structure of
the towers collapsed on 11 September in New York. No doubt the
official version, that the cause of the fire was caused by the impact
of the planes hijacked by terrorists. The 300 thousand tons of
recycled steel towers were mostly in Asian foundries, except for 24
tonnes dates at Northrop Grumman (one of the largest military
contractors in the Pentagon) to build a ship-symbol, the New York
City: the first of a new generation of amphibious assault unit for the
global war on terrorism, justified the attack on the Twin Towers did
watch live television” ENTRY

Libyan humanitarian activist vs. NATO
13 NOVEMBER 2011
Setting a momentous precedent, 34-year old Khaled K. El-Hamedi filed a
lawsuit against NATO after his entire family was killed in a bombing
raid on 20 June 2011 at 2:30 a.m. While in Libya, Voltaire Network’s
Thierry Meyssan reported on the “The Sorman massacre”, denouncing
NATO’s strategy of deliberately targeting the family members of Libyan
leaders, aided by undercover agents who marked the targets for the
strikes. Khaled K. El-Hamedi brings us his personal testimony of the
barbarism that destroyed his loved ones, his life and his entire
Volitaire Network – I was not able to find the Sorman Massacre first search..
check out Libyan Listings..


Weird News


OOps, wired news
still weird
Alex Jones is jumping the gun
NATO & Obama .. to Congress Jeered,
Let not make fun, hun
When we turn this into a Pun

U.S. Defense Chief to Israel: We’d Hit Iran Harder Than You
By Spencer Ackerman Email Author March 8, 2012 | 5:31 pm |
Categories: Info War, Israel, Nukes

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta hosts Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu at the Pentagon, March 5, 2012. Photo: Office of the
Secretary of Defense
The Obama administration is trying to strike a delicate diplomatic
balance on Iran’s nuclear program. It’s got to credibly threaten Iran
so its Israeli allies don’t go off and bomb the Iranians on their own,
potentially starting yet another Mideast war. But it can’t threaten
Iran so much that the Iranians strike first or deepen intransigence
toward international weapons inspectors. That’s the backstory for
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s odd boast on Thursday that the U.S.’
bombing campaign would be way better than whatever the Israelis come
up with.

Panetta did everything but dismiss an Israeli bombing run during an
interview with Yochi Dreazen of National Journal, a Danger Room pal.
“If they decided to do it there’s no question that it would have an
impact,” Panetta said, “but I think it’s also clear that if the United
States did it we would have a hell of a bigger impact.”

That’s not just Panetta’s typical florid language. (Even if his
spokesman tweeted that the comments are a non-story.) It’s a
simultaneous chin check to Iran and passive-aggressive way of
restraining Israel.

An Israeli bombing run would be formidable. It would surely feature a
lot of suppression of Iranian air defenses, spoofing of Iranian
command systems, and jamming of Iranian radars, all before stuff
started really blowing up.

But practically no analyst thinks it would destroy Iran’s nuclear
program. It might set it back for a few years. But Iran’s buried its
nuclear facilities — the ones people know about — deep, and apparently
use a super-hard kind of concrete to protect them. Earlier this week,
the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported that Israel asked Panetta for
advanced bunker-busting bombs and refueling aircraft, two key
components to a sustained bombing campaign that Israel doesn’t
sufficiently possess. Panetta’s spokesman, George Little, told Danger
Room the story was incorrect, though Israel’s needs are real.

Maybe the Israelis are OK with setting the program back a couple years
instead of ending it. But they’ve also got to prepare for Iranian
retaliation, including missiles that can hit Tel Aviv and the prospect
of a new wave of terrorist attacks.

Meanwhile, there’s little doubt that Panetta’s correct. The chief of
staff of the U.S. Air Force, Gen. Norton Schwartz, indicated last week
that his bombers could light Iran up. But he questioned the wisdom of
a potential strike, wondering what the actual objective would be. That
followed on Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
Staff, telling CNN that such a strike was “not prudent.”

And that got the Israelis angry and fearful that the U.S. wouldn’t
credibly threaten a bomb attack, leaving them to hint about taking
matters into their own hands. That in turn got President Obama to tell
The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg he “had Israel’s back.” But in a press
conference this week, Obama softened that bellicose tone. Which raised
the prospect of an Israeli strike again. The Atlantic‘s new Iran
Doomsday Clock says it’s ten minutes to midnight — that is, a war.

Panetta’s comments represent the administration’s newest attempt at a
balanced public line on Iran and Israel. He prefaced that Israel
should give sanctions time to compel a change in Iranian behavior.
Then he subtly told Israel that its attack would be amateur hour and
warned Iran against making him reach for his revolver.

All that represents an awkward truth for the United States. Obama,
Panetta and the rest of the president’s national security team say
they don’t have a containment policy for an Iranian nuke, they have a
prevention policy. That’s debatable. But they definitely have a
prevention policy for an Israeli strike, even if it’s an undeclared

Law of the Shoe!
Kick em out!


We rely on Al Jazeera for News

The Home of

. for education purposes … did not seek permission..
Uploaded by BruceFenton on Jan 11, 2008
Migrant workers make up over 85% of the population of the UAE (United
Arab Emirates).

A booming construction area with dozens of large multi phase
developments such in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other emirates include
projects such as the Burj Dubai, Ski Dubai, Dubailand and the Mall of

Migrant workers make up virtually every category of employee in the
UAE from CEOs and engineers to cement mixers, drivers, accountants and

Highly skilled and educated workers from western nations come to the
Middle East for tax free income and often increased wages and
opportunity. Most attention to migrant workers focuses on the manual

Numbering over 300,000, manual laborers make up a large amount of the
population. Attention has focused on these workers for their wages and
working conditions which are generally poor by western standards.

Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and other wealth oil
exporting nations also have large numbers of migrant workers who are
mostly focused on building infrastructure and implementing the huge
investments made by these countries. Workers come from all over the
world in addition to the higher paid, educated and skilled workers
from the UK, US, Ireland and throughout Europe and Asia, manual
laborers come from Myanmar (Burma), India, Pakistan, Somalia or other
countries. India and Pakistan also have a large number of highly
skilled and highly paid workers.

Lack of unions and organized labor makes life for the construction
workers very different from the US however most workers are very happy
for the opportunity and the economics of wage equalization exist
because of a very liberal work immigration policy and a robust

Favorable taxes and opportunity make the region popular for guest workers.

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Death come to the Unwary


You are walking down the street, a shuffle maybe, a little sway
from side to side.
they presume you are incompitent.. So the Death Monster grabs you from behind.
Not the Grim Reaper of Old, this new Dutch Invention THE MOBILE