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Uploaded by BruceFenton on Jan 11, 2008
Migrant workers make up over 85% of the population of the UAE (United
Arab Emirates).

A booming construction area with dozens of large multi phase
developments such in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other emirates include
projects such as the Burj Dubai, Ski Dubai, Dubailand and the Mall of

Migrant workers make up virtually every category of employee in the
UAE from CEOs and engineers to cement mixers, drivers, accountants and

Highly skilled and educated workers from western nations come to the
Middle East for tax free income and often increased wages and
opportunity. Most attention to migrant workers focuses on the manual

Numbering over 300,000, manual laborers make up a large amount of the
population. Attention has focused on these workers for their wages and
working conditions which are generally poor by western standards.

Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and other wealth oil
exporting nations also have large numbers of migrant workers who are
mostly focused on building infrastructure and implementing the huge
investments made by these countries. Workers come from all over the
world in addition to the higher paid, educated and skilled workers
from the UK, US, Ireland and throughout Europe and Asia, manual
laborers come from Myanmar (Burma), India, Pakistan, Somalia or other
countries. India and Pakistan also have a large number of highly
skilled and highly paid workers.

Lack of unions and organized labor makes life for the construction
workers very different from the US however most workers are very happy
for the opportunity and the economics of wage equalization exist
because of a very liberal work immigration policy and a robust

Favorable taxes and opportunity make the region popular for guest workers.

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