the Premier Ordered the Dam to Fill & Fill more


”Don’t let the water out until it fills at X Level.. Not having see
the Dam in years I cannot comment to what is Full and what is
Over-Full. OK – they feared more Drought. Yours truly replied to a
report on flooding in Rockhampton, a central queensland city to the
north of the capital, then under severe flooding, Brisbane’s turn
will be next, let water out now.. Because I have lived long enough
to remember 1974 & the late 1950’s both drought & flooding. We
managed on far less water consumption per person those days.” Ida

”THE murky accusation that the Wivenhoe Dam was mismanaged in the
lead-up to the Brisbane and Ipswich floods is now lapping at Premier
Anna Bligh’s door, LNP leader Campbell Newman says.

‘Quote/ His (Cambell Newman) comments came after The Courier-Mail
revealed today that Ms Bligh ordered an independent review into the
water release strategies at Wivenhoe Dam just two days before the
floods which devastated Brisbane and Ipswich last year.

Liberal National Party leader Campbell Newman said that Ms Bligh told
the media only two weeks ago that she knew nothing about the
operations of the dam during the floods.

“Clearly that has now been blown out of the water,” Mr Newman told
reporters in Yeppoon on Tuesday.

“We know now that she has been involved, in fact a year ago, in
detailed discussions about the operation of the dam.

“All I can say is it is a murky issue, that is this whole commission
it seems, that is now lapping at the door of the premier’s office.”

Further reading & video can be found at:


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