Women lower the Moral to hold on to Top Jobs


In 2008

LABOR has failed to convince its members not to challenge sitting
Queensland MPs for party preselection for the next state election.

The party expects all sitting members who want to run again to be
endorsed for the next election due in 2009.

But Jo-Ann Miller, elected in a by-election for the state seat of
Bundamba in February 2000, will face challenges from electorate
officer Kerry Silver and self-employed home-accessories manufacturer
Ian McIlmurray.

Mr McIlmurray, 41, said he had decided to nominate because he did not
think Ms Miller was “doing a very good job”.
NOW I READ MORE ABOUT MS MILLAR an Ipswich Qld Labor Candidate..
New Labor leader Anastacia Palaszczuk (right) and Bundamba MP Jo-Ann
Miller at the Ipswich caucus meeting.
Proir to that she was sueing another woman..
When the newspaper agreed, she put the suggestion to Ms Miller who
told her in a loud voice: “Just get lost.”

“I grabbed my things, Jo-Ann was at the back of the room,” Ms Petersen said.

“As I was walking out she looked at me aggressively and I put my hands up.

“I said `Jo-Ann, I was just trying to …’ and that is when she whacked me.

“She gave me a backhander on my upper right arm.

“It was the back of her left hand.

“She just said `I already told you to get lost, now get out of here’.”

Ms Petersen said she had never lodged a complaint against another
candidate in her several tilts at politics.”

Yes, a different paper, seems Ms Miller is a favorite in Ipswich
and has more mates in the Labour Party. I had best be careful what I
print. I have had experience of women’s violence.. both physical and
verbal and watch out for more from Ms Miller in the coming months.


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