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Homes More Affordable for aged citizens

more affordable for aged citizens. With the cost of living increasing, it’s no wonder many put off retiring for as long as they can. But one not for profit group in Central Queensland is making the transition a little easier.President of the Talbot Estate Committee and ABC Capricornia’s gardening guru Tom Wyatt says it’s the most affordable housing in the country.

“Talbot Estate is an affordable housing estate for senior citizens or pensioners,” he says.”   Making Retirement Affordable

He was working at the Gardens/Zoo until some dumb cluck protested  & he lost his job under the ‘Carter Administration’  .Local Government  under  Brad Carter 

”Tom said some of his main tasks would be raising the standard of general maintenance, high rates and debt, land development, green waste dumping and the Emu Park boast ramp.

“Being the president of Talbot estate in Rockhampton I think we’d be a good role model for government housing that is no cost to ratepayers, so I think they should look at our system,” Mr Wyatt said.He said it would be another two weeks until the change of hats between Mr Wyatt and previous Division 2 councillor Brett Svendsen, who received 1338 votes to Wyatt’s 2599.  Morning Bulletin Announces 

Accommodation payments-  Australian Government

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Queensland Home Shortage Outrage

Do we camp in the car in a shed..Ok.. my digs have improved since picture  was taken

.  6 King Arthurs Court, Sovereign Islands, Qld 4216Sovereign

FOR SALE: More than a quarter of the properties on the Gold Coast’s exclusive Sovereign Islands are in the market. Source:The Courier-Mail


An air conditioning unit at a remote Afghanistan outpost takes a gallon of fuel, which soon goes in the searing 125degree heat.

This has to be shipped into Karachi, then driven 800 miles over 18 days to the war-torn country on atrociously bad roads.

‘And you’ve got risks that are associated with moving the fuel almost every mile of the way,’ Steven Anderson, a retired brigadier general who served as General David Patreaus’ chief logistician in Iraq, told National Public Radio (NPR).

Fuel convoys remain key targets for attack, and according to Anderson, more than 1,000 troops have died while delivering vital supplies. Read more:

. While contrasts here just as outrageous.   Luxury homes half built.,+qld+4216/list-1

13 Oxley, Moranbah, Qld 4744  Three bedroom home for 31 Oxley Drive, Moranbah, Qld 4744850 to 1,500 per week.. and New Homes Rented at $2000 per week..  I did not purchase the article.. does not fit into my needs  of general broadcasting of information.

So if I hit the road,  follow the Grey Nomads How do I get the Luxury these Soldiers have … how do I??


Power-hungry microwave


Start by surveying your RV for appliances that run on 120 volts. The TV, microwave and other kitchen appliances generally require the most power but smaller appliances can add up. Most RV lights are 12 volt but some may be 120 volt. Your RV air conditioner is the biggest power user.

Read more: How to Choose a Portable Generator for Your RV |

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Why do the Feds Have Control of Water, free from Heavens Above

Updated April 20, 2012, 2:25 pm

A parliamentary inquiry has heard a $328 million federal grant for
Adelaide’s desalination plant will largely be clawed back by
reductions in South Australia’s GST payments.

Under-treasurer Brett Rowse has told the inquiry the method used to
calculate GST means the payment will have a net budget benefit of only
$26 million.

Opposition finance spokesman Rob Lucas says the payment was good
public relations for the Federal Government, but the actual benefit
for SA water users appears minimal.

“What’ve seen today is that water ratepayers in SA will be the ones
paying through a tripling of water prices [for] the total cost of the
desal plant,” he said.

“The Commonwealth grant is very, very small, or next to useless.”

SA Water has been in dispute with AdelaideAqua over penalties imposed
because of delays during construction of the desalination plant.

The SA Government has not revealed the sum proposed as penalties but
the Opposition says it could amount to $50 million.” end quote

=-LOOKING FURTHER Perhaps they should change their water use habits,
seeing the rainfall has not been as generous as here in the eastern &
northern states..

The report, by Dr Jennifer Marohasy, says the Lower Lakes are a
naturally estuarine environment and so do not need as much freshwater
to be maintained.…

Last I heard Ms Marohasy had married and was living at Yeppoon – part
of the Rockhampton Regional Shire, Queensland. Perhaps her report is
a few year old, or she works from home??
Or commutes up and down the Murray on a good Floater Fund..
Even MEDIA WATCH .. is asking
Her reply –
I had been a great follower & believer of Ms Marohasy’s written word,
and am quiet disappointed
in what is going down .. both sides & why she gets ‘her partner’
involved in her ‘Blue’ or Squabble with the Media??

An example of his work can be seen & downloaded at:
This web site is not only for Qld planning, covers many aspects
and all of Australia, just takes time to research the researcher
& planners of this country. No doubt they don’t have the
final say, but the do the planning.. the ground work.

I have provided many references, but have really not addressed my
title question.
Letting others do the searching..FARM ON LINE how-much-water-does-the-murray-actually-need

Further Reading:

The Australian research outlines the amazing twists and turns of the Met Office’s ‘concerted efforts’ to prevent disclosure of information relating to the workings of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

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Seeing Sienna – Smith-Magenis Syndrome

”Published on Apr 10, 2012 by Video for Sienna Steps (5k fundraiser race)”

You may have seen channel 9s brief piece on news with a girl kept in a cage at night so they could all get a good nights sleep..  Got me searching for more about  ”Smith-Magenis Syndrome”



Property Prices Skyrocket in Mining Towns

”The vast bulk of property commentary comes from people who have a very direct interest in seeing property prices and turnover remain high.” Blackwater & district included 

Fly-in fly-out workers are $100,000 cheaper 

Fortescue Metals Group says fly-in fly-out workers are $100,000 cheaper to employ and greedy landlords share the blame for skyrocketing property prices in mining regions.

FMG external relations manager Deirdre Willmott told the federal FIFO inquiry yesterday slow housing releases and the cost of living in the Pilbara was forcing mining companies to rely more on FIFO workers.

Willmott said it costs FMG $100,000 extra to employ a person who lives in the Pilbara rather than a FIFO worker.  AAP reports FMG said a resident worker for Port Hedland cost $150,000 and a FIFO worker for the same location cost $48,000 –– not including salaries.”This cost is extraordinary and it is driven by the cost of housing, and that in turn increases the cost of living throughout the town,” Willmott said.  It’s not just resources companies who are paying $1,500 to $2,000 a week rent –– it’s everyone.”  –/ end of quote..

The intersection of Codenwarra Rd, the Capricorn Hwy and Gregory Hwy, along with the nearby rail crossing continues to cause headaches for residents.

CONCERNS about the revamped Codenwarra Rd and Gregory Hwy intersection continue to run rife in Emerald with many questioning the logic of the new traffic…  Example of Caos caused by rapid expansion in Mining Industry to a once sleepy rural town..




Disabled Forced to Walk to Reach Street & Shops because of Concrete Fence

My Records Of Discrimination and Inaction by Public Servants
Posted on April 16, 2012

City of Wollongong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

19/8/2012 e mail to Jenny Thompson wollong council

20/8/2010 2 e mails sent to the office of the ombudsman
re lock out of community members from their community hnall
whilst a private secret meetning held

14/9/2010 e mail sent to J Thompson replied to by Jan Nobel

“As noted in our previous correspondence (see my e-mail below, dated
19 August 2010), Ms Noble followed up with Ms Graham on the issues you
raised regarding the use of white sugar at Warrawong Community Centre
and negotiated with the Warrawong Residents Forum to ensure that raw
sugar is now provided. From a Council point of view, no further action
is warranted in relation to this matter.”

Jenny Thompson
Manager Community Cultural and Library Services
Wollongong City Council…

December 8, 2010 at 3:16 am (Edit)
today 8/12/2010 about 11.45am i attended the warrawong community
centre for the free lunch they provide to the community under the
Premiers Prevention of crime stratadgy> Once Again The hall Manager
Maxynne Grahame attempted to refuse me a meal, also a volunteer named
donna also refused to serve me a meal and took away the food from the
serving area and placed it on the stage area so i couldnt serve my
self, as i am a certified volunteer too.
and at 2.10pm i havd Constble Barlow and Willcott (or similar) attend
my addrss and threaten me with arrest if i once again attempt to enjoy
my constitutional and rights under the human rights act 2004

on 30/8/2010 I recieved ref no c/2010/5974 a letter from NSW Ombudsman
“We will not take any action on your complaint” signed Christina
Poole, One can be discriminated against one complains and this is the

SERVANTS MEET UPON US!/truthtellersNSW/discussions/discussion.aspx?id=cns%219E7440A711591%21234

Ive lived In warawong at my current address since 2000, since then
i have been locked out of and refused meals at my local comunity hall,
residents hav had to put up with public lands being fenced off and
their access and egress being denied by Public Servants. Now a fence
has been erected , to remove tennants common law right of way,
access and egress to local shopping centres which makes disabled
peoples efforts doubled, to get to where they used to in half the
time it took them before public servants spent public taxes on

And it was all done to obtain lands from the public , which once
housed Community Members and got them of the Housing Waiting List, for
private usage!!



Australian glyphosate – to Use or Not to Use

GREGOR HEARD12 Apr, 2012 04:00 AM                                                               THE FOUNDER of a Singaporean-based business which imports generic glyphosate into Australia says there is no dumping of the herbicide onto the Australian market.CS Liew, of Pacific Agriscience, said dumping allegations were not correct, saying there was not the ‘like for like’ importation of glyphosate-based herbicides.

He said most Australian glyphosate manufacturers produced different formulations of the herbicide to those produced commonly in China. ”


BHP shuts Norwich Park near Dysart Central Qld Australia

ABOUT 1350 workers at Norwich Park mine in the Bowen Basin face an uncertain future following the decision by BHP to shut down production indefinitely.

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) announced it would cease operation at the coal mine, southeast of Dysart, blaming the legacy of major flooding in 2010-11 as well as ongoing industrial action.

The CFMEU has accused BMA of reneging on several terms of the new agreement 

and members are expected to take industrial action from tonight through to Saturday.

The union will meet with senior BMA executives today to discuss the closure.

“We will be asking them to come clean and be up front with us,” Mr Smyth said.

Mr Dumble said the mine had been losing money for several months.

—-”I told a friend as more strikes the workers pushed on BMA  they
would do just this, Close down the mine, pretext it is not making
money, then in a few months, put it on the Market..”
She shook her head, as if to say, ”What the heck do you know?”—

The Morning Bulletin,  Rockhampton’s Paper

Mine shutdown a ‘kick in the guts’

UP to 1400 workers face uncertainty after resources giant BMA announced it would shut Dysart’s Norwich Park mine in a month.
Comments (20) »

Getting it into perspective:

The biggest single-pit open-cut iron ore mine in the world, the BHP Biliton Mount Whaleback mine, 455 km (283 miles) south of Port Hedland is seen in this undated handout photograph obtained August 12, 2009. BHP Billiton Ltd, the world's largest miner, reported a 30 percent slide in annual profit excluding writedowns, its first fall in seven years, pummelled by a slump in metals prices and demand.BHP profit reaches almost $US10 billion for the half year. Photo: Reuters

BHP Billiton has reported a rare fall in earnings, hurt by labour battles and weaker commodity prices, but the result shows it is still in a different league from its would-be rival: Glencore-Xstrata.

Despite the 6 per cent drop in half-year profit to $US9.94 billion ($9.2 billion), BHP made more cash profits in six months than the $US90 billion marriage of commodities trader Glencore and miner Xstrata would have made in all of 2011 – and from far fewer revenues.

Read more:

Kloppers blames work laws for strikes

8 Feb BHP Billiton chief Marius Kloppers has blamed complex Labor workplace …

BHP tipped to sell $9.3b worth of assets

9 Feb BHP Billiton may consider selling about $US10 billion of aluminum, ..

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