Remember when ”patients are given frontal-lobe lobotomies,”



Please remind me about this serious subject..

NaturalNews – If you have ever seen the famous 1975 movie One Flew
Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, you likely recall several disturbing scenes in
which mental health patients are given frontal-lobe lobotomies, or the
iconic scene where actor Jack Nicholson’s character undergoes
electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Today, these horrific forms of
so-called mental health treatment are considered to be cruel relics of
the past, but a new bill in Australia proposes that young children be
given these treatments without parental consent, and even be permitted
to undergo sterilization procedures without parental consent.

The Government of Western Australia’s Mental Health Commission (WAMHC)
has basically conjured up a proposal for new mental health legislation
that bypasses parental involvement in the mental health treatment
process, and instead tasks children under age 18, and of any age, with
making the decision about whether or not to be sterilized, or whether
or not to have their brain tissue destroyed with psychosurgery
procedures. If a “mental health professional” can convince children
that they need such treatments for their own good, in other words,
than Australia’s youngest members of society will be open game for the
eugenicist agenda.
It almost sounds like the plot of a sick movie, but it is all true and
fully documented right in the WAMHC Mental Health Bill 2011, which you
can access here: http://www.mentalhealth.wa.gov.au
Eugenicists want to sterilize Australian children without ever telling
the kids’ parents
In the twisted minds of those who have seized positions of power all
over the world, separating children from their parents and performing
medical experiments on them in secret is a fully acceptable form of
“medicine.” And this form of child abuse is exactly what WAMHC has
proposed in its new mental health bill.
Pages 135 and 136 of the bill (pages 157 and 158 of the PDF) cover the
issue of sterilization, explaining that if a psychiatrist decides that
a child under 18 years of age “has sufficient maturity,” he or she
will be able to consent to sterilization without parental consent. It
also goes on to say that parents will never be notified that the
sterilization procedure occurred, as only the “Chief Psychiatrist”
will be privy to this information.
It sounds an awful lot like the euthanasia programs that emerged in
Germany during the 1930s, when Nazis began secretly sterilizing
individuals with physical or mental disabilities as part of “Operation
T4″ (http://fcit.usf.edu/holocaust/people/victims.htm). This eugenics
program was later intensified, of course, when German physicians at
Nazi death camps routinely sterilized men, women, and children, and
later killed them, as part of the Nazi regime’s utterly revolting
ethnic cleansing experiments


4 thoughts on “Remember when ”patients are given frontal-lobe lobotomies,”

  1. The photo is of a hostel where I experienced a forced medication
    without my parents permission.
    Classmates called me a ‘Zombie’ during this fortnight I was medicated.
    I never knew what with, I told my mother and she found it difficult
    to believe they would medicate a 15 year old without permission, or
    without telling them what it was they gave me.. Denial was from the
    Doctor, the would be nurse, the Matron & remaining staff. No one
    would back me up, those who would were villianized in my mind with
    the propaganda I was fed.. Nothing today can surprise me when it
    comes to forced medication.
    ”Elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis treated with
    antipsychotic drugs are at an increased risk of death. ” see
    Behaviour of persons from ‘mental/disability health also had ‘guilt’ branded
    on their being, they would come to this small town and gossip ( in a loud voice)
    referring to me, ” she belongs in Sydney, with the rest of her kind!”
    I never did understand them, or their stalking .. although I was able to sort the
    happening and their saying what happened.. This is getting away from the subject of
    ‘Medicating a child…by the State.. against or without Parental permission.
    Yes, I was able to remember the State appointing Guardian, this also would include the ‘forced adoption’ of my first born, even the trick# used to impregnate me.
    Following my employment with State Health of Qld in Disability & Mental Health,
    when I showed my fellow nurses my engagement to my husband, they tried to show me someone I did not know or recognize as a beau ..as someone I jilted.. Cheek .. I still had a good grip on my memory even after the Assult in Ward One.

  2. Lowell was a Conscientious Objector (C.O.) who like Jehovah’s Witnesses (J.W.) were opposed to WWII on ethical grounds. For this reason he was “given a year” in West Street Jail in 1943.

    One man explains in song..

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