Disabled Forced to Walk to Reach Street & Shops because of Concrete Fence

My Records Of Discrimination and Inaction by Public Servants
Posted on April 16, 2012

City of Wollongong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

19/8/2012 e mail to Jenny Thompson wollong council

20/8/2010 2 e mails sent to the office of the ombudsman
re lock out of community members from their community hnall
whilst a private secret meetning held

14/9/2010 e mail sent to J Thompson replied to by Jan Nobel

“As noted in our previous correspondence (see my e-mail below, dated
19 August 2010), Ms Noble followed up with Ms Graham on the issues you
raised regarding the use of white sugar at Warrawong Community Centre
and negotiated with the Warrawong Residents Forum to ensure that raw
sugar is now provided. From a Council point of view, no further action
is warranted in relation to this matter.”

Jenny Thompson
Manager Community Cultural and Library Services
Wollongong City Council


December 8, 2010 at 3:16 am (Edit)
today 8/12/2010 about 11.45am i attended the warrawong community
centre for the free lunch they provide to the community under the
Premiers Prevention of crime stratadgy> Once Again The hall Manager
Maxynne Grahame attempted to refuse me a meal, also a volunteer named
donna also refused to serve me a meal and took away the food from the
serving area and placed it on the stage area so i couldnt serve my
self, as i am a certified volunteer too.
and at 2.10pm i havd Constble Barlow and Willcott (or similar) attend
my addrss and threaten me with arrest if i once again attempt to enjoy
my constitutional and rights under the human rights act 2004

on 30/8/2010 I recieved ref no c/2010/5974 a letter from NSW Ombudsman
“We will not take any action on your complaint” signed Christina
Poole, One can be discriminated against one complains and this is the



Ive lived In warawong at my current address since 2000, since then
i have been locked out of and refused meals at my local comunity hall,
residents hav had to put up with public lands being fenced off and
their access and egress being denied by Public Servants. Now a fence
has been erected , to remove tennants common law right of way,
access and egress to local shopping centres which makes disabled
peoples efforts doubled, to get to where they used to in half the
time it took them before public servants spent public taxes on

And it was all done to obtain lands from the public , which once
housed Community Members and got them of the Housing Waiting List, for
private usage!!



2 thoughts on “Disabled Forced to Walk to Reach Street & Shops because of Concrete Fence

  1. The Self Imposed wage increases by our pollies, for them selves, the alledged upgrade when no solar lights or HWS, Off peak electricity rates, or Water Meters,…. plenty of turf , security and wages for contractors, whilst tennants rights are choked were discriminated against , Locked down and told to pay for water twice, would people be silly enough to pay for their groceries twice??? Endeavouring to perserver with the added foot swelling knee and hip pain re extra distance, whilst vehicles are driven along(contractors vehicles to complete upgrade and spendage of the $11mil of the publics tax monies) where people once for over 5 decades used for their pedestrian requirements under common practice and the right to enjoy human life

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