Property Prices Skyrocket in Mining Towns

”The vast bulk of property commentary comes from people who have a very direct interest in seeing property prices and turnover remain high.” Blackwater & district included 

Fly-in fly-out workers are $100,000 cheaper 

Fortescue Metals Group says fly-in fly-out workers are $100,000 cheaper to employ and greedy landlords share the blame for skyrocketing property prices in mining regions.

FMG external relations manager Deirdre Willmott told the federal FIFO inquiry yesterday slow housing releases and the cost of living in the Pilbara was forcing mining companies to rely more on FIFO workers.

Willmott said it costs FMG $100,000 extra to employ a person who lives in the Pilbara rather than a FIFO worker.  AAP reports FMG said a resident worker for Port Hedland cost $150,000 and a FIFO worker for the same location cost $48,000 –– not including salaries.”This cost is extraordinary and it is driven by the cost of housing, and that in turn increases the cost of living throughout the town,” Willmott said.  It’s not just resources companies who are paying $1,500 to $2,000 a week rent –– it’s everyone.”  –/ end of quote..

The intersection of Codenwarra Rd, the Capricorn Hwy and Gregory Hwy, along with the nearby rail crossing continues to cause headaches for residents.

CONCERNS about the revamped Codenwarra Rd and Gregory Hwy intersection continue to run rife in Emerald with many questioning the logic of the new traffic…  Example of Caos caused by rapid expansion in Mining Industry to a once sleepy rural town..http://www.cqnews.com.au/news/




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