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Homes More Affordable for aged citizens

more affordable for aged citizens. With the cost of living increasing, it’s no wonder many put off retiring for as long as they can. But one not for profit group in Central Queensland is making the transition a little easier.President of the Talbot Estate Committee and ABC Capricornia’s gardening guru Tom Wyatt says it’s the most affordable housing in the country.

“Talbot Estate is an affordable housing estate for senior citizens or pensioners,” he says.”   Making Retirement Affordable

He was working at the Gardens/Zoo until some dumb cluck protested  & he lost his job under the ‘Carter Administration’  .Local Government  under  Brad Carter 

”Tom said some of his main tasks would be raising the standard of general maintenance, high rates and debt, land development, green waste dumping and the Emu Park boast ramp.

“Being the president of Talbot estate in Rockhampton I think we’d be a good role model for government housing that is no cost to ratepayers, so I think they should look at our system,” Mr Wyatt said.He said it would be another two weeks until the change of hats between Mr Wyatt and previous Division 2 councillor Brett Svendsen, who received 1338 votes to Wyatt’s 2599.  Morning Bulletin Announces 

Accommodation payments-  Australian Government


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