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My Liberal Update
Dear subscriber,

Tonight, I gave my Budget Address in Reply.

The Coalition has a strong plan to restore Hope, Reward and Opportunity for all Australians.

A Coalition Government will build a stronger economy, repay debt and create secure jobs.

Strong economic growth will be the over-riding aim of the next Coalition government: it starts with abolishing the carbon tax.

Only with a growing economy is it possible to have lower taxes, better services and a stronger budget bottom line as Australians discovered during the Howard era.

Abolishing the carbon tax will be the swiftest contribution government can make to relieving cost of living pressures on Australian families.  This will take the pressure off power prices, gas prices and rates; it will prevent more pressure on transport prices.

Tonight I highlighted the fundamental truths of what will drive a Coalition Government:

  • Government should be at least as interested in the creation of wealth as in its redistribution.
  • Government should protect the vulnerable not to create more clients of the state but to foster more self-reliant citizens.
  • The small business people who put their houses on the line to create jobs deserve support from government, not broken promises.
  • People who work hard and put money aside so they won’t be a burden on others should be encouraged, not hit with higher taxes.
  • And people earning $83,000 a year and families on $150,000 a year are not rich, especially if they’re paying mortgages in our big cities.

I want to reassure the people of Australia that it does not have to be like this; we are a great people let down by bad government that will pass.

There is a better way.

The Coalition stands ready to restore Hope, Reward and Opportunity so that, once more, all Australians can plan for the future with confidence.

Click here to read my Address in Reply.


Tony Abbott
Opposition Leader

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