Three Garments & Saturday wash day

Governments, no matter what Party are telling us we get Products & Services far too cheaply & add more and more taxes to make it all far too expensive.  Here we have a video that shows the War time America where it interred over 100k persons in camps during 1942-5.. war years.  The small living space per each family & clothing etc would be limited.  Food allowance may have been better than say England, but they were in the middle of attacks from NAZI  war machine.. http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/camp-fema-american-lockdown/

Born during the war, in mid 1943,  I could remember wash day in the early 1950’s  was a Saturday.  We & our neighbours were on small farms between 40 and 12o acres and a whole family lived on the land & the sale of product, mostly fresh milk or cream..

School was Monday to Friday, a small one teacher school 4 mile to the north of  Dad’s farm, I say dad’s farm as he was the only owner marked on the deeds of the property,  this made mother as ‘farm labourer’  and very little credit was place on work done by  wives, mothers & children by any government of the time.  You had to be excellent time manager, budget, economist as well as nurse,, Dietitian and many other duties that fell on the shoulders of the woman of the house.

We had three of everything, no more, often less.  Our yard or play clothes were probably just two shorts or overalls, mine were hand me downs until I ended up bigger than my sister or she left home..  Dresses or Pinny & Blouse  was the School wear & bloomers for undies,  never skimpy scanties like my high school class mates taunted me with..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1o-SL_Pz9s

Singlets 3, Undies Bloomers = winter & Lawn Undies = Summer  3,  Dress or Uniform 2 & one Sports,  hat or beret = one.  Shoes or Sandshoes = one pair.   Bag was leather knapsack Dad had bought at auction one each.  Brother got a new leather one .. bought locally, Australian Made.

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One thought on “Three Garments & Saturday wash day

  1. By the time I reached 9th grade, My mother insisted I go to High School & make something of myself instead of being ‘Slushie’ at some boarding house, hotel or private household. Often Native girls were assigned to this as opportunity to go past 8th grade was absent. I was also a nerveous child who was ‘very skittish’ and often teased until I reached a state of ‘panic,’ & quite verbally lashed out requiring medication to pacify me. ( something my parents disapproved but this was done out of site ) High School had Uniforms,I had 3 of these, girls wore navy pinny with white blouse & school tie. Leather shoes for everyday, sandshoes, sprts dress a cotton navy frock a little shorter than everyday wear & no constricting blouse & tie..

    I mention this because the first year we were still living on the oruginal farm, we biked 4 mile to the railway station.. our fares were provided by the government as they wanted us to go to school & be exucated enough to keep the wheels of industry turning… as they do today. These pinnies wore thin in the seat & required ‘patches,’ quiet obvious to fellow students from the city, just another excuse to ‘Tease’

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