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A Saint or Eugenics at Work



QUOTE: April 2001
A young girl holds out her hand — horribly scarred when a senior nun applied a red hot knife as a punishment for misbehavior. Allegations of child abuse and neglect are surfacing along with serious questions about the administration of the charity’s vast pool of donated money. 

A volunteer claims she witnessed mistreatment: “I’ve seen smacking… yanking around babies by their arms, letting their heads wobble.” In a rare interview Mother Teresa’s successor, Sister Nirmala, defends the mission but says she has no idea how much money it has “No-body knows — it’s God’s maths”. Critics argue that funds go to religious campaigns rather than poverty relief. Meanwhile, one of Mother Teresa’s many supporters defends her legacy: “She is in the hearts of most people a saint…”

Produced by ABC Australia
Distributed by Journeyman Pictures


Different life in the Forest of India



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