Evicted from Public Housing NSW

You may have seen it coming, Pete was too outspoken.
Said what was happening
Told the truth, and the ‘Servants in control’
Just did not like ….

As I do not know when he will get back.. here is one post I QUOTE

Can’t look at hobbles and I can’t stand fences
Don’t fence me in
Read more: FRANK SINATRA – DON’T FENCE ME IN LYRICShttp://www.metrolyrics.com/dont-fence-me-in-lyrics-frank-sinatra.html#ixzz1rPFVVN4P
Copied from MetroLyrics.com

So,…. Public Housing Tennants Get a Fence,  erected which alledgedly, will stop the drugs, comming into this little community, that are Flown and Shipped into Australia Generally,

  But the $11mill   of your pre collected tax dollars  wil be soaked up by Security guards  who on  easter sunday  are being paid your tax dollars to  be apart from their families instead of celebrating  Easter,

the upgrading of Public building in accordance with the  Property Maintenance and Security Codes of 2006 is carried out whilst you wait, your little protest is ignored by your servants, and our Westfield shopping centre is closed for patronage, land that was once used to Accommodate  members of the community has vanished, whilst unfinished units behind them are still fenced off and in a state of uncompletion ,for members on the waiting list to utalise.

   Your tax dollars ,  Obvioiusley being Wisley spent, under Best Practice, and Community interests , Within the ambit of their Mission Statements , and Statements Of Values, and their Public Service Oaths of Office ,they have Sworn, 

Not Corporate Interests  at the heart of all their  decisions

  Is there an Authoritarian Green Facist movement taking away

Common Law rights , Without Compensation ???

What happenned to our Right of entry/use of the land  we have enjoyed fo over  five Decades, Latin Usoer Fractor (Spelling?) , From  The magna Carta,  common law and now your Constitution.

Ignorance is not Bliss Its  Slavery  and

Apathy = Treason ,   Sec semper tyrranas


One thought on “Evicted from Public Housing NSW

  1. https://pamea.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/what-is-right-with-nsw-housing/


    Well after recieving certian letters from the Now Human Resources Department of NSW (Lands corp)
    and ignoring them as my evidence was ignored by the registrar when i took the department
    before their own tribunal for discrimination, ….eviction was supposed to take place on
    8 may ,2012 but didnt on, 22 may after a male being thrownout of his 3rd storey window
    police locked residents in their units re a crime scene out side thir front door, then on
    the 24th may 2012, about 11.15am, the sherriff arived with a 1st instance warrant
    to evict me and my property, we had a conversation, re water literage, the
    weights and measures legislation, any dollar amount i might owe, and i informed him/them,
    i was prepred to protect my self, my property and my residence for which rent was paid with an
    iorn crow bar which i showed them.. They left my front door for a short time and police attended,
    kicked in my front door, pepper sprayed me in the face extricated me from my flat and threw me in the
    rear of a waiting paddy wagon, wherupon i was transported to a police station untill dark denied
    any communication or a phone call, ,then transported to wolongong untill court the next day where
    i obtained bail for 4 x assault and 1 x resist police and sherrifs officers. Later in the afternoon i
    was transported to silverwater Prison and at 11.30pm bailed and released in to the cold and rain
    to catch a train to central thence to wollongong. so ive lost my little flat the residents are protesting
    re their acess and egress being denied re being fenced in, a petitioin has been submitted but we
    shall see what happenns next after 10 july 2012 wollongong court . :-/

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