What is right with NSW Housing

It has been 3 weeks since this was posted

Also last word I heard from Pbd  was .. Sherrif is at the

Door to Evict him.. No word since & phone is disconnected.


7 thoughts on “What is right with NSW Housing

  1. pamea says:

    Not wanted news that is not displayed as video ..not having to go to original.
    Fake Diploma much cheaper that University.

  2. https://pamea.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/what-is-right-with-nsw-housing/


    Well after recieving certian letters from the Now Human Resources Department of NSW (Lands corp)
    and ignoring them as my evidence was ignored by the registrar when i took the department
    before their own tribunal for discrimination, ….eviction was supposed to take place on
    8 may ,2012 but didnt on, 22 may after a male being thrownout of his 3rd storey window
    police locked residents in their units re a crime scene out side thir front door, then on
    the 24th may 2012, about 11.15am, the sherriff arived with a 1st instance warrant
    to evict me and my property, we had a conversation, re water literage, the
    weights and measures legislation, any dollar amount i might owe, and i informed him/them,
    i was prepred to protect my self, my property and my residence for which rent was paid with an
    iorn crow bar which i showed them.. They left my front door for a short time and police attended,
    kicked in my front door, pepper sprayed me in the face extricated me from my flat and threw me in the
    rear of a waiting paddy wagon, wherupon i was transported to a police station untill dark denied
    any communication or a phone call, ,then transported to wolongong untill court the next day where
    i obtained bail for 4 x assault and 1 x resist police and sherrifs officers. Later in the afternoon i
    was transported to silverwater Prison and at 11.30pm bailed and released in to the cold and rain
    to catch a train to central thence to wollongong. so ive lost my little flat the residents are protesting
    re their acess and egress being denied re being fenced in, a petitioin has been submitted but we
    shall see what happenns next after 10 july 2012 wollongong court . :-/
    apologies re duplication

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