QCWA Hall at Bluff, Central Qld, Australia


Many years funding for call came from Crafts


Then in the 1980s  this area was a Caravan Park..


Vans were situated to the foreground of my photograph.  Rented spaces dwindled to two, then one and as the last one left to live in a house, none, the decision was made to close the park for good.    

This Year, when the Post Office closed BLUFF QCWA CAME TO THE TOWN’S RESCUE

“We decided at our last CWA meeting we would do it. We saw there was a community need,” Mrs Vesey said.

With six members, the group was working together to get the post office back on its feet, establishing a new location at the CWA Hall on Church St and operating from 9-11am Monday to Friday.’’  quote from:  http://www.cqnews.com.au/story/2012/07/18/qcwa-women-come-to-bluff-pos-rescue/


Closing of Bluff Post Office & My Response

Disbelief was my first thought, then a slow anger that someone should spend 6 years in a business, let it go to a buyer who had no regard for anything than to cash in on the high rents that are being paid for accommodation, brought about with the influx of mine employees both in coal and in gas exploration. 


post office as it was up until sale in July 2012..


Bouhenia flowers.


My aunt I learned from her diary that she operated the Harrami  Local Phone Exchange  in the mid 1930’s..  House my dad & his father built on the farm..

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My name and address..  e mail to That’s Life..

I previously wrote to say ‘thank you’ for my winnings and mentioned the closeure of Bluff’s Post Office, when the owner sold their home but not the business as new owner was only interested in the high rental value of the building/s to cash in on rising Mining in the Bowen Basin.

At 69, I no longer have my own car and depend on a friend or my son to take me shopping at Blackwater Q 4717 that ment we could only access my mail weekly or longer. No door to door mail delivery has been offered from our nearest other Post Office at Blackwater, Qld. 4717.

Our QCWA members offered to give us a limited service using volunteer labour with use of their hall where mail-boxes could be installed and room for them to sort mail and hand out parcels

received on specified hours.

Feedback on their application, Australia Post has offered to place boxes on the block’s front boundry but no shelter for members to sort mail and hand out parcels. This I cannot see as fair and legal as ‘work-place health & safety rules’ should apply even with volunteer labour.

I am hoping to contact ‘Australia Postal Workers Union’ to verify this rule..

Could you please include this information in your publication or have one of your writers write it in more detail with pictures.

Looking forward to your reply,


Take Care with Wonder Drugs


Epilepsy drug to treat chronic cough (ABC)

According to yahoo news..

Australian researchers have found that a drug used to treat epilepsy can help patients suffering a chronic cough.

Doctors from the Hunter Medical Research Institute in New South Wales trialled a drug called Gabapentin which is commonly used for epilepsy and pain.

Lead researcher Dr Nicole Ryan says more than 60 patients were given the epilepsy drug.

Dr Ryan says three quarters of the patients reported an improvement in their symptoms, but the symptoms came back once they stopped taking the drug.

“The participants taking Gabapentin had a significant increase in their quality of life compared to the people on the placebo,” she said.

“It’s thought that the drug suppresses a nerve-related trigger which stimulates the persistent cough.”  end quote




Check the side effects/

SIDE EFFECTS: Common side effects of gabapentin are dizziness,somnolence, ataxia, fatigue, fluid retention, hostility, nausea and vomiting. Other adverse events associated with gabapentin include hypertension,anorexia, bruising, joint pain, motion sickness, and pneumonia.

Antiepileptic medications have been associated with increased risk of suicidal thinking and behavior. Anyone considering the use of antiepileptic drugs must balance this risk of suicide with the clinical need. Patients who are started on therapy should be closely observed for clinical worsening, suicidal thoughts, or unusual changes in behavior.’’

Just check out what is causing your cough before you go to these Drug prescribing Medics.


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Numb Chuck Australia federal government contributed $12.8 million

If Julia Gillard could have found a handy time warp around Sydney’s Fox movie studios, she would have crawled into it.

There she was, surrounded – as she put it herself – with some ”incredibly groovy people”…and the grooviest of them all, Hugh Jackman, suddenly sprouted the political equivalent of deadly claws.

Hugh, chuckling that he and Julia had indulged in a little rehearsal for the new version of Wolverine, the movie that has made him world famous, declared that Ms Gillard was enormously talented at martial arts.

AFR photo TAMARA VONINSKI. Actor Hugh Jackman (left) on the sound set of The Wolverine shooting (starts next week) in Sydney at Fox Studios.  The Prime Minister Julia Gillard was on the movie set today (right). 24/07/12/

Actor Hugh Jackman (left) on the sound set of The Wolverine with Prime Minister Julia Gillard

As a slightly quizzical look crept across the prime minister’s happy face, Hugh blundered on that she was very good with ”the nunchakus” – weapons consisting of two solid pieces of wood joined by a chain that have the ability to do frightful damage to opponents.

”…And of, course,” he spouted, ”With the sword.”

What was supposed to be a morning of reflected glory suddenly turned to a scene from a disaster film for Ms Gillard. Kevin Rudd himself could hardly have uttered a deadlier line.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/politics/deadly-jackman-quip-puts-gillard-to-the-sword-20120724-22mks.html#ixzz24S7McdFg



Had to be dragged away from Australia Day’s  Drama Session                          where is her Logie for this..


No to Dam

Protest at Olympic Dam against effects on Aborigines, water, pollution

Zane Alcorn said: “Not only is the expansion at Olympic Dam going ahead without the consent of traditional owners, but tens of thousands of gigalitres of water per day is being sucked out of the Artesian Basin on Arabunna land to service the mine.

Protesters block mine. Roxby Downs Sun, 22 Jul, 2010 Forty anti-nuclear activists staged a protest on Friday against the Olympic Dam expansion, blockading the entrance and stopping traffic from entering.

The protest aimed to highlight the “catastrophic effects” the mine and its expansion would have on traditional owners and their natural resources. Activists painted themselves blue and used their bodies to spell words such as water, with some people partly naked to help draw attention to their views.

One activist chained himself to a four-wheel-drive blocking the Olympic Dam entrance forcing traffic to be diverted and also stood in the path of a large truck…….

The group told The Roxby Dow  continued  http://antinuclear.net/2010/07/23/protest-at-olympic-dam-against-effects-on-aborigines-water-pollution/


Toddler's Beanie View 2

First I bought one and copied best I could.. Coldest Winter since 1985 so some of us have not experienced frost here in Central Queensland.


Toddler’s Beanie View 2

Toddler's Beanie View 2

First I bought one and copied best I could.. Coldest Winter since 1985 so some of us have not experienced frost here in Central Queensland.