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Numb Chuck Australia federal government contributed $12.8 million

If Julia Gillard could have found a handy time warp around Sydney’s Fox movie studios, she would have crawled into it.

There she was, surrounded – as she put it herself – with some ”incredibly groovy people”…and the grooviest of them all, Hugh Jackman, suddenly sprouted the political equivalent of deadly claws.

Hugh, chuckling that he and Julia had indulged in a little rehearsal for the new version of Wolverine, the movie that has made him world famous, declared that Ms Gillard was enormously talented at martial arts.

AFR photo TAMARA VONINSKI. Actor Hugh Jackman (left) on the sound set of The Wolverine shooting (starts next week) in Sydney at Fox Studios.  The Prime Minister Julia Gillard was on the movie set today (right). 24/07/12/

Actor Hugh Jackman (left) on the sound set of The Wolverine with Prime Minister Julia Gillard

As a slightly quizzical look crept across the prime minister’s happy face, Hugh blundered on that she was very good with ”the nunchakus” – weapons consisting of two solid pieces of wood joined by a chain that have the ability to do frightful damage to opponents.

”…And of, course,” he spouted, ”With the sword.”

What was supposed to be a morning of reflected glory suddenly turned to a scene from a disaster film for Ms Gillard. Kevin Rudd himself could hardly have uttered a deadlier line.

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Had to be dragged away from Australia Day’s  Drama Session                          where is her Logie for this..


One thought on “Numb Chuck Australia federal government contributed $12.8 million

  1. pamea says:

    When Julia Gillard dropped by to visit actor Hugh Jackman on the Sydney set of his new film today, it was a chance for some politicking, a moment of mutual admiration and – for comic fans at least – some serious deja vu.
    The Prime Minister met Jackman yesterday for a tour of the Wolverine set, which is being shot at Sydney’s Fox Studios. The federal government contributed $12.8 million to secure the shoot in Australia and create more than 2000 jobs.
    It was all a fairly predictable photo op until Jackman – who said he’s happy to be back in Australia with his family for the film – hinted Gillard would be working as his stunt double

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