Women who missed out in the Education System Queensland

According to Debbie Kilroy, CEO of Sisters Inside 

 ‘’ ‘A great majority of them cannot read or write. Therefore, their support needs are high and complex.’

‘’April 19 2012 Vital Funding Meeting  Prison advocacy group Sisters Inside has asked for an urgent meeting to discuss the State Government’s continued funding for the group to provide services to disadvantaged women inside Townsville Women’s Correctional Centre (TWCC).’’

See More on Sisters inside

Qld Government has axed Funding for a service offering support to some of the state’s most disadvantaged women.

‘’Sisters Inside had relied on $120,000-a-year in state funding to provide counselling and support services to women prisoners at the Townsville Correctional Centre, many of them indigenous.  The outreach service was set up 18 months ago after a woman committed suicide within the prison.  But the contract will not be renewed when it expires next month, as the Newman Government continues attempts to cut costs and bring the state’s Budget back into the black. ‘’


Inside the Life of the Founder of Sisters Inside  Kris Olsson. Kilroy Was Here. Sydney: Bantam, 2005.Reviewed by Evelyn Hartogh

I read the book 4 years ago.. forgotten much of the text details..  A must read for those of you  wishing  to  understand the woman fighting injustice of our state of Queensland..

The mothers & grandmothers  are not going to get their children out of the same pattern unless they get help NOW..


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