Nuttell & Swan Eventide Swan Song

Questions -Lawrenceventide Springborg-sale-by-labors-gordon-nuttall

Labor politicians exploiting concerns of Eventide residents at Sandgate were silent when part of the site was sold in 2011 in a deal brokered by their corrupt former MP, Gordon Nuttall.

LNP Health Minister, Lawrence Springborg, says Treasurer Wayne Swan and ALP councillors turned a blind eye to the health portfolio activities of the now jailed ex-Sandgate MP who signed off on the sale of more than 2.1 ha of land at Eventide in 2005.

Title to the seaside land and buildings was transferred from Government ownership by Labor in 2011.

“Mr Swan has the plans for the site in his office, but for seven years he has contrived to be silent about his part in the Nuttall land deal,” Mr Springborg said today.

“The Metro North Hospital and Health Board has had local control of this facility for just four months and suddenly Labor MPs are inflaming the concerns of residents, demonising not-for-profit aged care providers and making false claims that land at the site is to be sold.

“In fact the only land sale at the site was sponsored by Mr Swan’s corrupt Labor mate.”

The Minister called on Mr Swan and Deagon Councillor Victoria Newton to explain their part in the Nuttall land deal.”……………..

Gordon Nuttall sold the land to a not-for profit aged care provider without a peep from Mr Swan,”


We all know how good private enterprise is at looking after the elderly.
Minimum possible nutrition
Minimum possible amenities
Minimum possible staffing levels
Minimum possible wages
Minimum possible maintenance
Minimum possible entertainment
Minimum possible stimulation activities
Maximum possible immigrant workers
Maximum possible profit.

Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/unions-take-up-nursing-home-fight-20121018-27twf.html#ixzz2BtHLFcNe

Springbourg has a poor record of his own  billionaire-clive-palmer-lashes-comparing-liberal-national-party-lnp-to-nazis/


Takes all three



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